98% back new Egyptian constitution


98.1% of people have supported a proposed new Egyptian constitution in a referendum, officials say.
Of the 53 million eligible voters, 38.6 % voted according to the election committee said.
According to a foreign news agency, Election Commission head Nabil Salib called the vote an “unrivalled success” with “unprecedented turnout.”
The new constitution will be replacing the one introduced by Islamist President Mohammed Morsi before he was ousted.
The banned Muslim Brotherhood, which Morsi comes from, boycotted the referendum adding that it was a “farce”.
The referendum was seen as a vote on the legitimacy of his removal and of the army, which toppled him in July last year.
First day of the voting resulted in several deaths due to violence Morsi’s supporters.
On Friday, further clashes with the security forces left four people dead.