An unjust law is no law at all


This is in apropos to the news published in the newspapers that Sindh Assembly Speaker Mr Agha Siraj Durani has suspended five security personnel including chief security officer due to their failure to prevent graffiti inside the Sindh Assembly building. Mr Durani while talking to the media said that the graffiti had violated the sanctity of the elected house of legislature of Sindh.

Mr Durani’s step is appreciable here but what about the marriage ceremony of Mr Durani’s close relative in Sindh Assembly building which was held on 3rd November, 2013. Alongside this, with the total disregard of law, dozens of police officials including security officials of Sindh Assembly were also deployed in order to protect and maintain the sanctity of the marriage ceremony in Sindh Assembly premises. Did that marriage ceremony not violate the sanctity of the house of legislature? How can there be different rules for same thing i.e., the same hall with same sanctity but with different rules for violation. What a joke with the sanctity of Sindh Assembly!

Everyone must have heard that the rules are made to be broken or rules are made for others, not for self. It is a great example of that. Mr Durani suspended five officials because they did not stop someone who tried to raise her voice against the injustices but same officials were deployed in the same hall to protect the sanctity of the house of legislature where a marriage ceremony of Mr Durani’s loved one was taking place.

This reminds of the Saint Augustine who once said, “An unjust law is no law at all”.