Balochistan parties to stage sit-in on 20th


Ruling and opposition parties of Balochistan on Friday announced to stage a sit-in outside the Parliament House on January 20 against the kidnapping of tribal leader Abdul Zahir Kasi.
Addressing a news conference along with the leaders of other parties of Balochistan, chief of All Parties Committee and opposition leader in the provincial assembly, Abdul Wasay, said that Abdul Zahir Kasi was not only a political leader but he was also a key tribal personality. Wasay said that ruling and opposition parties were playing their role for the recovery of kidnapped leader, adding that all parties of Balochistan would hold a joint meeting in CM’s House Islamabad on January 19 to chalk out a strategy in regard with staging sit-in outside the Parliament House.
He also said that he would support positive steps of the government and play a role of fair opposition. “We were willing to hold a peaceful protest to prove that the all political parties were on the same page when it comes to solve the problems of the province,” Wasay added.


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