Day two of Egyptian referendum


Voting continued on Wednesday in Egypt in a two-day referendum on a new constitution drawn up following the overthrow of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi.
The army-backed government is seeking a “Yes” vote to endorse his removal.
Tuesday’s voting was reported to be broadly peaceful amid tight security but nine people were killed in clashes involving Morsi supporters.
Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood is boycotting the vote.
The new charter is to replace the constitution passed under Morsi before he was removed last July.
Polling stations are scheduled to close at 10pm although it remains unclear when results will be announced.
State-run media on Tuesday termed the vote as a “democratic ceremony” – a term widely used during the Hosni Mubarak era but not heard since he was ousted in the revolution of January 2011.
The vote is expected to come out in favour of the new charter.
160,000 soldiers and more than 200,000 policemen were deployed nationwide on Tuesday to avert any unlikely incident of violence or riot.