Two arrested in Danish tourist’s rape case in New Delhi


Police in the Indian capital Delhi have arrested two people in connection with the gang rape of a Danish woman.
According to a Delhi police official, two unemployed young men were apprehended late on Wednesday, an iPad, a mobile phone and some cash belonging to the victim, were recovered from them.
“We have identified the culprits, all of them are [local] vagabonds, they would be caught soon,” a police official was quoted as saying by an Indian news agency.
The 51-year-old tourist was attacked by a group of men in the Paharganj area of New Delhi on Tuesday, was robbed and raped at knife point, according to police sources.
She lost her way back to her hotel near New Delhi Railway Station. She approached a group of men to ask for directions. The men robbed her of her belongings and raped her, police spokesperson Rajan Bhagat had told the media.
The woman flew out of India on Wednesday morning, reports say.
Sexual violence in India has grown since the 2012 gang rape and murder of a student on a Delhi bus.
Last year a Swiss tourist was gang raped and her partner attacked by a group of men in Madhya Pradesh state. Six men were jailed for life for the attack in July.
Other recent incidents include the rape of a photojournalist in broad daylight in central Mumbai, a 21-year-old woman raped by two separate groups of men on Christmas Eve in Pondicherry and a 16-year-old girl who was set on fire after being gang-raped twice in the eastern city of Calcutta.


    (Jan 15 ‘14) “Lost Danish tourist thrashed, gang-raped and robbed in Delhi” is the top story about India, staged by RAW to defuse outrage in Indian media about the expelled U.S. diplomats’ comments about vegetarians committing rape, etc. just as the flurry of highly publicized gang rapes in India since December ‘12 have been staged by RAW to ‘neutralize’ my references to the Anglo-American rape of India. The male diplomat expelled from India had an army of almost 500 spies and goons working for him, not to mention the entire Delhi Police department which helped him “evacuate” the criminally accused husband of the maid from India, all of RAW with tens of thousands of employees, India’s prime minister and the rest of the government. Where is the reciprocity in all of this? India’s ambassador to the U.S. works for the CIA as did his father who was evacuated from India under the guise of his fake death. Where is the reciprocity of CIA-sponsored Rahul, Modi, Kejriwal vs. CIA-suppressed Satish Chandra?

  2. adam khan
    what ever is going on in india, i do not blame on indian society, but i do blame on westernizing culture, like open pornography and vulgarity which has led all new generation to wrong direction and this is just a begining just waite in the future what worse come nextttttttttttttttttt

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