Yemeni detainee to be freed from Guantanamo


A Guantanamo Bay detainee from Yemen is set to be released after more than a decade post a decision by a US government review panel.
Mahmud Mujahid, 33, had been detained since 2002 on accusations of being an al-Qaeda fighter and bodyguard to Osama Bin Laden. He was not charged formally.
The six-member review panel on Thursday determined that Mujahid no longer posed a continuing significant threat to the United States.
He was reportedly one of dozens of prisoners previously termed too dangerous for release but could not be prosecuted due to lack of evidence or adequate jurisdiction.
A Pentagon spokesman told US media on Thursday no decision had yet been made on when Mr Mujahid would be released from the facility.
Speaking to a foreign news agency, Mujahid’s lawyer David Remes commented on the decision, “He never should have been held and now after 12 years he should be reunited with his family.”