Pak is emerging economy in world: PM


Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that Pakistan is one of the emerging economies of the world and the government is making structural reforms to make the economy attractive for the local and international investors.

The prime minister said this while talking to a delegation of Chinese Group RUYI headed by its chairman Yafu Qiu at the PM house.

He said Pakistan provided ample investment opportunities in energy infrastructure and textile sectors, adding that the government had investment-friendly policies and they would like the world-wide businessmen including the Chinese to invest in Pakistan.

Yafu Qiu, Chairman of Chinese Company, told Nawaz Sharif that his company was all set to invest US$ 2 billion in Pakistan in next two years. The main sectors of investment would be energy and textile sector, he told. He said his company would construct two coal fire power plants in Pakistan each having power generation capacity of 300 megawatt. He said after getting GPS plus status Pakistan had become an attractive place for investment in textile sector. He said Pakistan had a booming textile sector and taking advantage of the available opportunities they had planned to invest in textile sector besides production of high quality yarn. He said they were encouraged by the support and assistance provided by the government of Pakistan in this respect.

The prime minister appreciated the investments by the company saying the investment would not only create job opportunities to the skilled youth but would also lead to introduction of new technology in textile sector.


  1. What economy is Nawaz talking about? Get the energy issue fixed first,its been long enough,what has your government accomplished since you took office ???? other than running your mouth.

  2. Oh you simple and idiotic morons he is talking about his family business which includes the Finance Minister Dar too. It started when Gen Zia ul Haq gifted Ittefaq Foundry to them . Rest is history.

  3. yes its emerging economy even you goons have left no stone unturned to submerge it. It could have been a flying economy if this country had proper leadership not these bunch of clowns with no brains.

    Seriously can anyone with sane mind, believe people like Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari make better economy of Pakistan? That can only be a joke and everyone and who installed them know it!

  4. Yeh wo log hain jin kay ma baap noray kay zati mulazim hain. in ko haram khanay ki aadat hai. Ignore the SOBs

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