Bat man warns against letting the general fly free


Imran Khan says only time will reveal making of a third NRO

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Tuesday said if former president Pervez Musharraf was genuinely ill, he should be provided with the best medical facilities but if that is not the case, he should not be allowed to escape the trial.

Referring to a speculated deal for letting Musharraf escape the treason trial, Imran told a press conference here that only time would tell if there was a third National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) in the making. “There should not be one law for the rich and another for the poor,” Imran added.

The PTI chairman said people praise former president Asif Ali Zardari for heading a democratic government for five years but no one looks at what the tenure did to the people of this country.

Referring to last year’s general elections and the rigging that took place, Imran said the people who came to power are afraid of verifying votes that were cast during the elections. “Verification of a few constituencies will disclose what a farce these elections were,” he said.

“Eight months have passed since the election but the issue has not been solved; we want recounting of votes in only four constituencies in Punjab,” he said.

The PTI chairperson said his party wants to make sure next elections are not rigged the way May 11 polls were.


Responding to a question regarding PTI leader Arif Alvi’s stance on the Bilawal House wall issue, Imran said he was the representative of the people and he just wanted the implementation of a court order which states the wall should be brought down.

He stressed that he was not against tight security for PPP patron-in-chief Bilawal Bhutto but that court orders should be followed and people of the area should facilitated. On Bilawal’s criticism of Imran on Twitter, the PTI chief said his politics was on the ground, not on Twitter.

Referring to his recent rallies in Lahore and Umerkot, Imran said he is amidst the people and so is his politics. He apologised to the people of Sindh for not campaigning enough in the province for the general elections and assured he will visit all the districts in the coming months.


Rubbishing the idea of dividing Sindh because of the current problems, Imran said politicians should focus on addressing the issues rather than creating rifts.

He stressed that people are sick of injustices and political leaders should not be taking advantage of this situation but alleviate the suffering.

Without naming Altaf Hussain or Bilawal, Imran lashed out at them for creating a hue and cry while living aboard.

Clarifying that PTI and its coalition members were ready to take control of the Peshawar Electric Supply Company (PESCO), Imran said the provincial government also wanted the control of power generation. He said PESCO only managed power distribution in the city.


  1. With profound respect, my dearest Imran Khan.

    I really suggest you would be much much better off doing something in
    sports thank playing dirty politics in Pakistan. It's simply not your cup of
    cappuccino.You cannot handle these crooks of Pakistan in a pure honest
    way. That simply does not work.

    I still dont understand why you people are so dead against General Musharaf.
    Yes, he could be a defaulter and he is not alone,but for heaven's sake he is
    not a traitor, Please, dont insult our beloved General. Thank you.

    Imran Khan,where were you when Raymond Davis was whisked out of the
    country and you never uttered a single word. And where were you when Hussain
    Haqqani was allowed to leave Pakistan scot free. I am still your ardent supporter,
    but if you talk against General Sahib, I am sorry , because Sub say pehlay Pakistan.
    The person who said that can never a traitor.

  2. There is such a major hullabaloo about the Musharraf case. Why has the Asghar Khan case not been sent to court ? And why is the ECP dragging its feet on the verification of votes cast in Punjab as being demanded by Imran Khan ?

  3. Instead of creating great noise and such an uproar and warning
    that Musharaf could fly free out of the country.
    Imran Khan Sahib, let General Musharaf go out and come back
    whenever he wants freely.I can assure you he will not run away.
    He is a Commando and commandos are not coward, atleast he will
    not flee the country he belongs and served so scrupulously.

    Khan Sahib, I am still one of your most passionate
    ardent supporters,but if you start talking against our beloved General Musharaf,
    I would be left with no choice, because I love Pakistan Armed Forces and that
    obviously included our beloved General Musharaf.

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