Mush’s prosecutor says agencies threatening his family


Akram Sheikh, prosecutor in the treason case against former president Pervez Musharraf, has claimed that his family has been receiving threats from secret agencies.

Sheikh said that his family was being threatened to dislodge him from the case against the former dictator. “I respect secret agencies but they should be aware that their cases are also in courts,” he said, adding that he was not scared of anybody except Allah.

“I will plead treason case against Musharraf come what may,” he vowed, asking doctors to produce Musharraf’s blood sample to reveal the facts.

Sheikh claimed that everybody knew on whose phone call Musharraf’s vehicle was diverted to the medical facility instead of court.


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    You have pocketed Rs. 49 Million (4 Karor 90 Lakh) as your fee from the State, sanctioned by the "Super Sharifs".

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