Musharraf’s out of danger, shifted to VIP ward


Former president General (r) Pervez Musharraf’s medical report of the first day has been released in which it is indicated that his health has improved and has been out of danger.  His medical report will be submitted in the court in the next hearing of treason trial on January 6 (Monday).

According to hospital sources, Pervez Musharraf showed signs of recovery after which he was shifted to the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology’s (AFIC) VIP ward from the ICU on Saturday.

The former military ruler is under treatment for heart problems. He was taken to the hospital with chest pains on Thursday while on his way to face treason charges in a special court in Islamabad.

According to sources, Musharraf walked a little in his ward last night, after which he was shifted to military hospital’s VIP ward from the ICU.

His spokesman Major General (r) Rashid Qureshi confirmed Musharraf’s recovery while speaking to media persons. He said doctors collected more blood samples Saturday morning and few blood reports had been prepared.

A seven-member medical board, constituted for Musharraf’s treatment has yet to decide whether or not the former army chief needs to be referred for medical assistance abroad.

The board has held consultation with doctors in the US and UK and an initial report has been shared with them, sources said.


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  2. Musharraf must not be allowed to leave Pakistan. He must be made to pay all the cost of his medical treatment like any other ordinary person in Pakistan. He must be tried for treason.

  3. God bless you and save you from all evils. We wish your rule once again. We are a bad nation that's why being ruled corrupt leaders. Please forgive us for our misdeeds to you.

  4. The drama continues. Why is the former SSG Commander so affraid to face the court? Bogus bombs, pretend heart attack, how long will this drama continue? It is time to haul the dictator into the court where he should stand trial for his mindless and illegal actions.

  5. Why Pakistan Government is spending poor people money for this scum bag. He has looted lot of money; let him pay his bills.

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