I am not afraid of anyone: Musharraf


Former military ruler General (R) Pervez Musharraf has said that he is not scared of anyone but people are frightened of him.
Talking to his medical attendant, the former president said that no soldier of the country is frightened of death and his funeral will also be held in Pakistan, adding that he will not leave the country, reported a private TV channel.
Meanwhile, the former president showed signs of recovery and walked a little in his ward last night, after which he was shifted to the military hospital’s VIP ward from the ICU.
The former president is under treatment for heart problems. He was taken to a military hospital with complaints of chest pain on Thursday while on his way to face treason charges in a special court in Islamabad.
Musharraf’s spokesman Major General (R) Rashid Qureshi confirmed his recovery and said doctors collected more blood samples Saturday morning and few blood reports had been prepared.
A seven-member medical board constituted for Musharraf’s treatment has yet to decide whether or not the former army chief should be referred for medical assistance abroad.
The board has held consultation with doctors in the US and the UK and an initial report has been shared with them, sources said.
His possible cardiac arrest has ignited speculations about his exit from Pakistan.


  1. Unfortunately Indians Hindoos and our fraud degree politicins are equally enjoying the humiliation of Musharraf. A desire of Indian Hindoos, which they couldn't achieive, is being complied with by our fraud fued politicians, just to please their Indian Hindoo Bania business partners.
    In fact Nawaz has been trapped by the Indian Hindu Banias and made to invest his looted money from Pakistan in India and instal sugar mills. Nawaz is trying to please Indian Hindu Banias as thier agent, talking of trade with India, visa free borders and advocating in favour of Indians despite all their anti Pakistan activities. Humiliating Kargil Hero Musharraf, who had booted Indians, is also part of his appeasement plan. This all is being done just to keep his sugar mills running in India.
    Nawaz and BB had deserted due to fear of apprehension for their looting and plundering and returned after assurance of NRO. Whereas for the first time in the history Musharraf returned by himself, against all advices from his well wishers, just to face these concockted cases.
    When MartialLaw was imposed General Musharraf, serving COAS, was in the plan hijacked by the then PM Nawaz Sharif alonwith other passengers, which was being forced to land in India. Army retaliated against this digraceful act of Nawaz and toppled his government.
    Gen Musharraf was told about the situation after landing and he owned the Army action as part of Army. Now Army should be morally bound to support Gen Musharraf against these fraud politicians, who grabbed the power by fraudulent sale / purchase and rig marolling of votes and constituencies. Some of the generals, who are betraying him, like Hameed Gul Muhammad (batman type), Khalid Maqbool, Qadir Baloch etc are on paid role of PML-N.
    Now instead of appreciating his clean heartedness and making stories over his sickness, which any normal gentleman would have suffered, if put to such humiliation for the good he did to Pakistan and people of Pakistan, depicts your charracter filth.

    • Well said. I fortunately or unfortunately know Nawas Badmash. i used to live in old Lahore and this Badmash Sherif was friends with my late brother in Law Iqbal Ahmad of Sui Northern Gas. They use to have at that time Itifaq Cricket Club and this SOB come to our house to get my Cousin and Brother in Law to play cricket in Pathai Ground in old Lahore. This lutera SOB did not raise a singe protest against the other lutera Asif Bemari is rule. They both lutereys are one of a same kind. There was another lutera Iftikhar Chauderi who was a puppet of Nawas Badmash. Anyway due to collective bayghariti of our nation from Karachi to Peshawar, we are under azabe Ilahi by having these leaders. Like we say in US "You aint seen nothing yet". If you want to have a case then bring Nawas in the court first to helping Zia. And then bring the choor Iftikhar for serving and accepting Mushraff as president. Then try Nawas for leaving the country with 22 trucks full of luxurious items. Better yet Start the proceedings from 1956 and dig the graves of all those so called dictators and try whatever left of their bodies. Go to hell you basterds

  2. Also we dare to this current corrupt government to Bring one corruption case against this national hero and Mujahid. The recent past corrupt government and this current corrupt government have pact of you lute and we would not say anything and you wouldn't say anything when our government would come. But the truth is the bayghariti of us Punjabi's has destroyed this nation. I have a group of patriot Pakistani who has firm plan if these MoFu&*^$% killed Mushraff we Inshallaha Burn Pakistani Flag in front of Pakistani Consulate which is nick named as the bribe house and will give up our Pakistani citizenship and officially become enemies of Punjabista.

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