Musharraf may need angioplasty or bypass


Three vessels in Pervez Musharraf’s heart are blocked and he would either require an angioplasty or a heart by-pass, a private TV channel quoted sources in the medical board as saying.
The possibility of his treatment in Dubai or London was also being considered.
A seven-member medical board will decide whether or not former president Pervez Musharraf be referred for treatment in abroad.
However, according to sources, the team of doctors has held consultation with doctors in the US and UK and an initial report has been shared with them.
The former military strongman was moved to the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology (AFIC) on Thursday while en route to the special court hearing a treason case against him.
Sources said Musharraf was currently being administered blood thinning medication.
They said the former president was undergoing extreme mental stress which led to the chest pain and his current medical condition.
So far, no official statement has been issued by the army-run hospital about Musharraf’s condition. The official had said doctors did not suggest angiography until late in the night.
“The patient has been shifted to the CCU to keep him under observation and for precautionary measures. Otherwise, Mr Musharraf is fit,” an official had said, adding that all necessary tests had been conducted and no sign of minor heart attack was found.
He remained under intense care on Thursday, however, his condition is said to be stable.
The former army chief’s tests are being conducted and the heart treatment is underway.
On the basis of various tests, the doctors’ team will decide whether or not Musharraf should be shifted abroad for further treatment.
Musharraf’s spokesman Major General (r) Rashid Qureshi told reporters that the medical board’s decision would be shared with media.
His possible cardiac arrest ignited speculations that the former military ruler may be allowed to leave Pakistan to seek medical treatment abroad.


    • RAC bravery has nothing to do with ones medical condition. the question is will you even get to 70 let alone be brave!

    • Heart attack has nothing to do with bravery or weakness– I hope the treatment for Gen.Musharraf is successful and he is able to recover health and face the courts– whatever the charges and whatever the final decision for or against him.

      Disclaimer: I am a Indian and am against Musharraf– but I still feel the comment about trying to connect heart disease to bravery is wrong.

  1. bravery has nothing to do with the medical condition of a person. Musharraf is a brave man who fought for the country all his life. Pakistan is the only country where army is ridiculed.

  2. musharraf is great person, there should not be any doubt in it. in fact many hostile countries and agencies are covertly behind him and our courts are supporting them.

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