Parliamentarian’s salaries subjected to tax deduction: FBR


Federal Board of Revenue on Thursday clarified that FBR deducts tax from the salary incomes of parliamentarians.

According to FBR Spokesman Shahid Hussain Asad‚ parliamentarians are taxed on their salaries under Section 149 of Income Tax Ordinance 2001 by the federal government while their agricultural income in taxed under the provincial Agricultural Income Tax law.

FBR issued the statement in response to the directives of Public Accounts Committee to make its position clear on media reports of parliamentarians not being taxed by the board.


  1. That we all know….why is FBR trying to fool people ? These Parliamentarians have other businesses from where income is hidden….

  2. FBR is protecting the powerful tax evaders.They need to stand up and admit this and take action against those who have violated the provisions of Income Tax Ordinance 2001.Aam admi on the streets is getting an impression that there is one set of tax law for rich and one set for poor

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