Musharraf’s ailment not linked to appearance in trial hearing: Sehba Musharraf


Former first lady Sehba Musharraf on Thursday said that her husband Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf is a brave man and his ailment has nothing to do with his appearance in the treason trial case hearing.

Talking to a private TV channel on Thursday at Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology (AFIC), Sehba said that  Musharraf had not been feeling well since Wednesday evening and his condition deteriorated when he was on his way to the special court.

She said that a team of doctors had conducted medical check up of the former president and advised him to take rest.

Pervez Musharraf’s daughter also arrived in Rawalpindi from Karachi on hearing about his condition.


  1. Man who is alleged to have killed many people is paying back. If he is brave as he says should not find excuses to go to court and fight for justice,

    • He does not think in such a cheap way like you do.

      He is actually unwell,but obviously you would doubt these things
      cause you're filled with the "Yellow Journalism Syndrome" and cheapness.

      You ungrateful and ignorant person,Pervez Musharraf came back on his own,without
      any help or support and he came to face all the fake and politicised charges.

      If killing terrorists is a crime in your eyes,then we can clearly see your thought process,stop spreading yellow journalism .Pervez Musharraf has always been honest and straightforward but these things would be hard for you to digest obviously,when one looks at your comment above.


      • I agree with you . May Allah swt bless him with speedy recovery. Ameem
        I pray that he should be able to show all these people
        That he is not a coward and will follow and obey what
        Is ordered.

    • And what do you call the family who packed 100 trucks and ran away from Pakistan ?
      At least Musharaaf had courage to come back o Pakistan and face the cases against him….

    • come on ASHRAF SB, , give him a benefit of doubt . he is a brave man and fouht 2 wars for pakistanis and he alway speaks truth .

    • lol u sound funny i wouldnt wish my worst enemy to have to go to courts or police station in if any ones gonna get justice. as for murdering ppl are u talking about the murderer bugti and please dont tell me u dont know what atrocities these feudals commit. as for laal masjid kindly remember the ruler of the country has to take decisions against those who try to create a state within a the leader he is not accountable on such actions taken to safeguard the country. and please mr Ashraf would u mind telling us what are u paying for having to tolerate our so called democratic leaders who have snatched even the basics of life from its ppl.

    • Specially for Muhammed Ashraf

      Our nation

      shame on you Mr ashraf the person who really did some thing for Pakistan you cant say these thing about him

    • well, all these times he did go to d court and had faced all the false allegations put on him…He is a human and cant he get unwell you dirty cheap minds…is Musharraf d only bad person and betrayal left in Pakistan….wht do u say abt Zardari and his group, wht say abt Nawaz Sharif? Y did Nawaz Sharif stopped d Kargil war wen v were on d verge of victory? Isn't Nawaz a betrayal too? If Musharraf was a betrayal why wud he come back to the country, he could have stayed outside Pakistan and njoyed his life.

    • he kill people who try to kill pakistani people like you ,he safe our country from taliban that u/r civilian goverment can not do any thing last 5 years and innocent people die every day in ar country,

  2. Every Sensible and Patriotic Pakistani is praying for the speedy recovery of sir Pervez Musharraf.

  3. A man of Strong high and true ambitions,we loose such a brave person meant to loose Hope.Plz Pray for Mushraf not for only his recovery but also for his victory against looteray.

  4. I support Mr Musharaf he is best for Pakistan and it’s nation May Allah swt grant him shiffa kamila Ameen

  5. Mr Musharaf did fought two war for our beloved country today people like Nawaz sharif and zardari who looted our country taking him to court for treason it’s sad serving Army chief plan was high jacket by sharif which was treason actually Musharaf Zinda bad And Pakistan Zinda bad it’s says every dog has his day like sharifs

  6. Well he give us everything but i think we are noting doing for him… the biggest power is his supporter. We should take stand for him because he come for us. ):

    • hyder bhai hr insan jo such ky sth dyga wo Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf hai m jst 16 saal ka larka hu mujhy nhi pata kuch bhi itna siyast ky bare m per tabi bhi m itna janta hun that he is the best person

  7. I have not met a single person with good character who opposes PM. He has saved Pakistan from a disaster in 2001 and the nation will be very ungrateful if they follow bunch of thugs in politics, administration and media. I remember 2003 when a son of British diplomat during our dinner conversation said that your PM is more clever than Tony and Bush. And see what we are discussing. Shame to prejudice.

  8. May Allah help PM. For me, he is hundred times better than the democratically elected thieves AZ and NS and their entire team.

  9. jit nay loog Bhi Sadar Musharaf kay khilaf hain ,Kilaf Ho Jain,Bas Allah Khilaf na ho . Koi Bhi Kuch Nahi kar sakay ga……Allah Unpar Raham Karay…Ameen Suma Ameen.

  10. Real solider , great leader , he did a lot for Pak compare to so called politicians .
    Special prayers should be done through out the country for his fast recovery .

  11. Sadly! Pakistani people don't relaize that the one who saved Pakistan from disaster was Pervaz Musharaf. He never took anything and always put Pakistan first. I salute Mr. President for his service to Milatary as well as what he did as a president. In the history of Pakistan's existance no one has done as much as he did.

  12. musharraf is a man who will be remembered by posterity for his courrage and character.a proud pakistani who made pakistanis prouder in the world during bhis time.sadly those who followed painfully ruined all the good that he had accomplished. pm zindabad. we love you.may Allah bless you always

  13. No doubt Pervaiz Mushrif is a brave man may Allah give him good health and determination to face such false
    Caseses.I m big fan of mushrif he is patriotic,loyal to his nation and country . Allah help him .

  14. I hope our ex general get well soon.
    nawaz sharif is third time digging his grave,
    And this time last and final for good.

  15. all the lovers and admirers of the great general plz plz this is the time to raise your voice outside your homes and fb plz give him support and plz ensure our presense in front of him we are with him tell this to this sold media and ganji democracy save mussharaf save pakistan

  16. sir, Parvez Musharaf Aalah aap ki madad farmaien aor aap ko is moshkil waqt mein kamyabi ata farmaien,
    ham sab jantey hein ke aap ki nyet saf aor her qadaem mulk o qoum ki behtri ke liey hey.Aameen

    • Prophet Muhammad(P)when he visted the sicks,used to comfort him and the following prayers for the sick."O ALLAH remove the hardship,O lord grant cure you are the healer.There is no cure but you,a cure which leaves no illness behind.Prayers is a beautiful as well as essential way to ask our ALLAH.I would request General Musharraf well wishes with in Pakistan and all over the world to pray for him.

  17. May Allah save our Brave Musharraf , through this trail , may he be granted a long and healthy life! Ya Allah please help our True and Patriotic Gen(r) Pervez Musharraf , please give him courage to face the CROCKS
    around him(ameen)

  18. sir, Parvez Musharaf Aalah aap ki madad farmaien aor aap ko is moshkil waqt mein kamyabi ata farmaien,
    ham sab jantey hein ke aap ki nyet saf aor her qadaem mulk o qoum ki behtri ke liey hey….
    Aameen !!!

  19. Janaab Pervez Musharaf, jeet hamesha sache logon ki hi hoti hai….aap kaa sitara chamak raha hai..god is with you, we are with you,,,. god bless you. Ameen.

  20. Every Sensible and Patriotic Pakistani is praying for the speedy recovery of sir Pervez Musharraf.
    اللہ تعالیٰ آپ کو صحت عطا کرے۔آمین


    Wishing you all the best stay safe don't waste your life over a thankless nation

    stay healthy and safe with your family

  22. May God bless Sir PERVEZ MUSHARRAF good health and courage to expose mafia against Pak Army and Solidarity of Pakistan.

  23. No one can doubt the courage and forthrightness of this wonderful leader of Pakistan. May God give him health and a long life.

  24. He is coward man let him face the trial. He should be brought to court come what may
    like Hosnie Mobarak of Egypt

  25. Sir, you are the one we want to see in action for betterment of our lives and nation…our prayer are always with you.

  26. Please refer to my Urdu Article “Ehsan Faramosh” in which I detailed that Gen. (R) Syed Pervez Musharraf felt enormous tension and sadness due to doge by PPP who got removal of case against it through his NRO and due to which he lost his old friends.

  27. pm did a lot for the people of Pakistan, being a civilized nation v should accept this reality. because through out our political history we have experienced we can differentiate between good and bad. i think we must pray for Musharraf's good health and success in the cases against him.

  28. —– Forwarded Message —–
    From: Gulrukh / Masood <[email protected]>
    To: "[email protected]" <[email protected]>
    Sent: Saturday, 4 January 2014, 10:39
    Subject: Request for the sanity!!


    The Prime Minister's Office Islamabad.

    This is to request most fervently that this frivolous and nonsensical activity of prosecuting ONLY the ex-president of Pakistan for imposing Emergency in the country and calling it treason must forthwith be stopped.

    The case must be withdrawn and let some sanity prevail.

    I deposited $1,000.00 in the Prime Minister fund for saving the country by paying the debt. I have the receipt from the City Bank. I will make the claim in the court of Allah Subhanau Tala and will demand the good deeds, if any, for compensation. unless the case is WITHDRAWN!

    Please prove that Only Allah is worshipped and certainty in Akhra is believed in Pakistan.

    With kind regards and prayers for Pakistan,

    Masoodul Hameed

    Mnachester, UK.

  29. General Musharraf is our greatest leader ever. We need him. He is Pride of Pakistan and InshAllah drive away these criminal politicians who are destroying out country and amassing wealth abroad.
    Long Live our Great General Musharraf and may Allah bless him strong health and log life and an opportunity go guide the nation again.

  30. Anyone can see that the trial of General (R) Musharraf is a vengeful attack by two small, mean men- Nawaz and the not so honourable ex-chief Justice Ifttikhar Chaudry. Yes, now is the time for his supporters to come out and make the media and the whole world know that Nawaz and Ifttikhar are persecuting a just man, an honourable man, a man who loves Pakistan with all his heart and soul.
    " Hazaroon saal nargis apni benoori pay roti hai, bari mushkil say hota hai chaman main deedawar paida"
    He is our 'deedawar'. God bless him, keep him safe from jackals, and God bless Pakistan.

  31. Very honest, brave, straight forward and patriotic Pakistani, who saved our nation, as overseas Pakistani we fully support him !!!!

  32. We all in Pakistan and overseas wish Gen (R) PM a quick recovery and Healthy stable life very soon. May ALLAH grant him GOOD HEALTH and shower upon him his BLESSINGS so that he serves the poor and helpless people of Pakistan by getting them out from the clutches of these EGOISTIC HANDS,…. Ameen.

  33. Btw I support him as all of you…why can’t we be on the streets to show that we support him. why can’t we gather all those who like him and agree with him but aren’t that politically motivated..we should stand up I email address is [email protected]…mail me if anyone has a plan

  34. All his admirers in Chicago wish him speedy recovery. He is not one to feign illness. He was risking his life on the frontline in the defense of his country. Hang in there. This too shall pass.

  35. Better he comes back to power n we get rid these stupid democracy. Get well soon Mr. President. Amen

  36. Get well soon. Praying for your speedy recovery. The nation is with you. Khuda Iss Mubarak mahine mey apki mushkil asaan karay. Aameen. Summ aameen.

  37. He is a brave and honourable man. may Allah help him,forgive his all mistakes and may Allah free him from all difficulties respectfully. A true Pakistani!

  38. Love musharraf and imran khan. Lots and lots of hates for nawaz and sharif courts.Lov

  39. Pervez Musharraf a great hero of Islam and Pakistan. we all Pakistani love you. You come for Us and we pray that May Allah Give you long healthy life.

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