Special court orders Musharraf to appear before bench or face arrest


A special court on Wednesday issued orders for the former President Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf to appear in Thursday’s hearing of the treason case against him.

The court further warned that in case of his non-appearance from tomorrow’s hearing, arrest warrants for the former dictator will be issued according to the law.

Earlier today, the hearing of treason case was commenced by the special court without the former ruler’s presence in court.

Musharraf’s lawyer, Ahmed Raza Kasuri, stated that his client is unable to appear for the proceedings due to security threats and also mentioned recovery of a kilogram of explosive material near Musharraf’s Chak Shahzad farmhouse residence which was defused by the bomb disposal squad.

Kasuri also held the judiciary responsible for any unfortunate incident in future, adding that if a bombing occurred, everyone, including the judges of the special court, would come under the harm.

Justice Faisal Arab warned Kasuri to not to threaten the court, adding that his point has been noted. Justice Arab is heading the bench of the special court.

Kasuri also called the court a “Shakespearean theatre”, adding that the Chief Prosecutor Akram Sheikh is a friend of the current Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

Sheikh responded to Kasuri’s statement by declaring if the court pronounces him biased, he would part from his role of chief prosecutor.

Justice Faisal Arab said the court proceedings could not be stopped on account of security concerns.

Moreover, one of Musharraf’s counsels, Anwar Mansoor demanded that everyone who aided constitutional violation should be considered guilty just as well as the former president.

Mansoor accused that PM Sharif for holds bias and retributive motivations against the former general.

Musharraf’s legal team also filed a plea today in the special court to exempt him from appearing before it today on account of threats to his security.

In another application, Musharraf’s legal team also pleaded the court to adjourn the case for a period of five weeks, adding that Musharraf imposed the Nov 3, 2007 emergency as the army chief and hence he could only be tried by a military court in that respect.

The application also alleged that the federal government had failed to put adequate security measures in place for the former president.




  1. We never learn from the history. Repeat mistakes.
    Does this court has any moral ground if not legal ?
    Does it make sense to initiate a case of only Musharaf and ignoring many others who were involved in the decision making process of imposing emergency ?
    Does it make sense to start a case from Nov 3rd and neglecting Oct 99 military rule.
    Does our supreme court has any authority to start a new case against all those parliamentaries who have not paid any tax yet and lied/misguided the election commission of Pakistan.
    Does this election commission of Pakistan and election of 2013 are lelgal ?
    Does our courts has any authority to start a case against Geo and Jung group for gross national interest violations with proof ?
    We the people of Pakistan want justice but not selective.
    God bless this country

  2. This farce of a trial legitimises the misrule of PML N (Nawaz &Showbaz and PPP).In reality it allows these corrupt Parties to flout all laws with no accountability. Nawaz Sharif has many money laundering cases and the infamous Asghar Khan case where he gulped down over 3 million, pending in the Lahore High Court and the Judges by prolonging his cases by years are also not accountable. WHY?. His brother and he have looted public money through various scams e.g. Qarz Utaro scheme,Tandoor,Laptop,Metro Bus,The Youth loans scheme and the latest is 10 Billion worth clean water scam. Technically both brothers do not qualify for the posts they are holding. Yet no one questions .WHY.Why Parliamentarians are allowed to go at each others throats physically and no one is punished. I have given here that evidence which is public. Individually one can find criminal acts of most serious nature committed by these MNAs and MPAs. To become a politician is a licence to any crime in Pakistan This shameful.

    • I salute your judgement and fully endorse your comments without any bias or hesitation

  3. A vast majority of Pakistanis wish to see beheading Musharaf on the street, before the public for his heinous crimes. Army Commando Musharaf is now become a 'DARPOK CHUHA'

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