NADRA Chairman summoned by FIA


Tariq Malik,Chairman  of National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has been sent a notice by  Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) summoning him to file his reply about the irregularities discovered within NADRA, a private news channel reported on Tuesday.

The notice was sent by FIA inspector Azmat Malik after irregularities were ascertained in the institution through an investigation carried out by the authority.




  1. dear chairman,
    You reached this position by dent of politics.Resign for the sake of politics for another politician.

    • Why should Malik Leave? Shouldn't someone stand up and teach some lesson to the crazy politicians and Babus that they should stop humiliating professionals like Mr. Malik? I think Mr. Malik is giving a great service and should be awarded NISANE HAIDER.
      I have no connection with Mr. Malik. However, I do care about Pakistan which has been missed by so called leaders since last 60 years. Enough is enough….

  2. First fired a midnight! now he will be forced to resign, its called "So Very Sharif" way of doing things, how dare he try to expose rigging?

  3. This is what one can pay the price of honesty with the motherland. Same warning given to FPSC chairman regarding passing and failure of desired selected candidates and FPSC chairman without resistance acted successfully on the wishes of PM hence,not removed. Democratic tyranny is on the way by a.k.a Lion now ordinary citizens should brace themselves for future trouble.

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