Shah seeks army’s statement over Musharraf’s remarks


Opposition leader in National Assembly Syed Khursheed Shah has urged the army to explain its position on Pervez Musharraf’s statement that the army supports him in the treason case, contending that silence can be misconstrued as consent.
Speaking to reporters after Public Accounts Committee (PAC) meeting today, Shah said Pervez Musharraf was trying to play smart when he spoke of the army having his back.
“If army is not with Musharraf, it should rebuff his statement,” he asserted.
Speaking about Shahbaz Sharif, Shah said first he started rallies against load-shedding when his party was not in the federation, now he orders baton-charging on the same people.
To a question, the opposition leader said the Punjab government will never allow Tahirul Qadri’s long-march to set-off and that it will remain confined in Lahore.
The government was begging for talks with Taliban. Taliban are not willing for talks as the government is weak, he observed.