No place for Ahmadis – living or dead!

  • Islamist outfit opposes burial of elderly Ahmadi woman in her home village of Kathowali


It appears that Bishen Singh, a Sikh character from Saadat Hassan Manto’s Toba Tek Singh who was displaced after the partition of India and sent to a mental asylum, cursed his village so powerfully that minorities in the village, trapped in their very own ‘no man’s land’, are continuing their quest for a piece of land to bury their dead.

Ahmadis and Muslims had been living peacefully in Kathowali – a village 15 kilometres from Gojra in district Toba Tek Singh – until March 2013 when a Muslim religious outfit objected to the minarets of the Ahmadis’ worship place in the village.

“Minarets are for a mosque; not for the worship place of a non-Muslim. They should bring the minarets down. We cannot have Ahmadis continue to project themselves as Muslims,” said the people who often gathered at Kathowali on the call of the religious outfit.

As the Muslim and non-Muslim inhabitants of the village, whose 45 per cent land is owned by Ahmadis, according to reports, started to doubt their age-old relationships, some ‘extremists’ belonging to the religious outfit added fuel to the fire by objecting to the combined burial of Muslims and Ahmadis at a local graveyard.

In the month of December, the extremists denied burial of two Ahmadis, a septuagenarian woman and a one-and-a-half year old girl, at the local graveyard, which embeds over a dozen graves of Ahmadis alongside Muslims.


The minor daughter of Waheed Ahmad, a Kathowali resident, died December 18. When Ahmad, his relatives and members of the Ahmadi community took the body for burial, a group of extremists stopped them from entering the graveyard saying only Muslims could be buried there.

The Ahmadis held a sit-in on the main road and blocked traffic to protest against the incident. As the group of extremists refused to show any laxity, senior police officers requested the Ahmadis to bury the child at some other place.

Jamaat-e-Ahmadia Toba Tek Singh Public Relations Secretary Ahsan told Pakistan Today that the police offered them to bury their dead at a place far away from the village where Hindus were cremated.

“I objected to this offer! Why should we bury our dead at a far off place when we have a joint graveyard here in Kathowali? We have been peacefully living here with other Muslims for a long time and have been burying our dead together. Why this discrimination now? What did we do?”

He added that the dispute was being fuelled by the ‘miscreants’ from Tehreek-e-Tahafuz-e-Khatam-e-Nabuwwat who basically wanted to have the minarets of Ahmadi place of worship removed.

“The local police keep telling us to get the minarets removed and they will solve all our other cases. By the time the cases are not resolved, our dead will have to face refusal at the doorstep of the graveyard it appears,” he said.

Ahsan said that the child was later buried at a private property, adjacent to the graveyard, owned by a Muslim Yaqoob Ranjha.

“Yaqoob himself is a Muslim but he offered his land for the burial. Such a display of brotherhood was not possible if Ahmadis and Muslims had problems with each other,” he said.


The wife of Iqbal Ranjha, a resident of Faisalabad, died on Saturday. When Ranhja and members of the Ahmadi community took the body for burial at the same graveyard in Kathowali, a group of Muslims led by a local cleric intercepted them and asked them to bury the dead at some other place.

Before the two groups entered into a brawl, the police reached there and persuaded the Ahmadis to bury their dead at some other place. Following which, the elderly lady was also buried in Yaqoob’s property, right next to the graveyard.

Talking to Pakistan Today, Jamaat-e-Ahmadia Press Section In-charge Amir Mehmood said, “The police took the side of extremists who caused the brawl between the locals. We are a peaceful community and follow the law and refrain from indulging in any kind of violence. However, the police taking side of the miscreants is condemnable.”


  1. Those people who are doing all this against Ahmadis, they are fallowing the footsteps
    of the opponents of the Prophets. If you read the Holy Quraan you will understand
    the tectics of the disbelivers to humiliate those who had accepted the reformer of

  2. Ahmadies can and should have a separate graveyard. This would resolve the problem for both Muslims and Ahmadies.

    • Thank you for the comment, but this distinction is drawn not by the Shariah or the Holy Prophet (PBUH), but by the 1974's National Assembly of Pakistan whose morals and character has been seriously questioned on several occasions. A friend rightly said that Pakistanis don't trust the Government with their money but when it comes to calling Ahmadis Non-Muslims, they follow the Government's decisions. This is in fact very true. I would advice… Please 'Un-follow' the Government in interfering in religion of a person and 'follow' their political decisions (pay taxes etc) for the good of the country and yourself.. Please.. Please..

  3. Qadianis(Ahmadis) already have their own graveyards like other communities in Pakistan so I wonder why they are insisting to bury their dead bodies among Muslims?? As Ahmadis are totally different from Muslims in their beliefs therefore they must not insist to find some place in Muslims graveyards.

  4. Ahmadis are real Muslims, The Holy Prophet Peace be upon Him respect for the non Muslims, but these Mullas are not following The Prophet peace be upon him. Allah Almighty show everyone Right Path of LIFE.

    • who the hell are we to decide or comment others a muslim or non muslim.. this is none of our business. we are all human being.

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