Aam Aadmi Party leader takes office as Delhi Chief Minister


Arvind Kejriwal has sworn in as Delhi’s Chief Minister on Saturday.

A crowd of thousands was present at a major park in central Delhi to witness Kejriwal and six other ministers take over the reins of the capital city.

Kejriwal is the leader of a new political party that performed phenomenally in state elections held earlier in December. His Aam Aadmi, or Common Man’s Party pledges to uproot corruption from Indian politics.

AAP won 28 of Delhi’s 70 assembly seats in elections and paved the way for its leader Arvind Kejriwal as the CM of Indian capital.

AAP is being backed by the Congress Party, which had ruled Delhi for three terms.


  1. Ir Pakistan's 2 very important Neighbors Ir Iran & Hindustan are governed by populare Mouvements one in Iran where Islamic political system & Sharia Laws are in force since 1979, in Hindustan where Aam Aadmi Party AAM has won elections in Delhi NOW in our Islamic Pakistan when we are going to free from the english & feudal political systems

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