The cycling app that you will hopefully never need

  • In all the chaos and confusion of a crash it’s vital that you get all the details you need in order to report it to the police or make an insurance claim.

  • The new app helps you think clearly when you’re least capable.

Having a crash on your bike can be confusing and painful, particularly if it wasn’t your fault. An unlucky few are left with extremely serious injuries, or worse, but even if you’re not too badly hurt it’s still chaotic. You’re worried about yourself, your bike, whether those involved are staying on the scene and trying to get details from witnesses – all while the adrenaline is flowing and you can’t think straight.

In a bid to make that whole process less traumatic, the UK’s largest cycling charity, the CTC, has launched an iOS app to prompt you on what you need to ask. The idea is that it calmly reminds you what information to take down when you’re least likely to be able to do so yourself. This can then be used to report it to police, or make an insurance claim.

This new app makes the process far simpler. Once you download the free “Crash Kit” app you’re prompted to enter your own details so that it’s all ready to go should the worst happen. Then, hopefully, you never need open it again.