Two dead, three injured in car crash


A high speed car rammed into an electricity pole in AkbarChowkTown area of Lahore, leaving two youth dead and three others injured in the wee hours of Sunday.

According to police, five youth in a car were moving from AkbarChowkTown towards Jinnah hospital when their car slipped due to the rainfall and it collided with an electricity pole, resultantly all the boys in the car were badly injured.

The injured persons were taken to the hospital where two of them succumbed to injuries. The deceased were identified as Sohaib Ali and Rehman Haneef.

The remaining three boys Rizwan, Hassan and Hussain are reported to be out of danger.


  1. It is sorrowful incident.The parents are responsible as they handed over the cars to their children untrained and not enough experts fr driving tecnichques.Almost in every big or small streets very smalls kids are driving the bikes without proper driving knowledge.Who is responsible for this carelessness?

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