Military revenge attacks increase terrorism, says Imran


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan said a large scale military operation along with revenge attacks will increase chaos, militancy and terrorism.

Khan said if the government wanted to launch an operation in North Waziristan it should take the people into confidence.

According to the PTI chairman, civilians especially women and children had become the target of drone strikes and military action would increase the suffering of people in the tribal region.

“We cannot regard our women and children of FATA with the callousness that is presently being displayed towards them by the state.”

Khan reminded that since FATA is directly under the president, it is beyond understanding that why he remains silent on the plight of the people of FATA.

The PTI chairman demanded the president act to alleviate the suffering of the women and children especially by providing immediate food supplies and medical assistance as well as protection against military action.

Imran Khan also demanded the government to inform the nation if it intends to start a military operation in North Waziristan.

He also condemned attack against military personnel in NWA which led to the martyrdom of five soldiers.

Imran Khan said if the military had intended to respond with an attack, it should have cleared the area of women and children at least before they bombed Mir Ali through helicopter gunships and artillery.

He said civilians, especially women and children had been innocent victims of missile strikes and now military action was causing more suffering on these innocent victims of a war they are not responsible for.


  1. Come on Imran you can't be serious- While our army suffers casualities you seem to be supporting the murderers. The army did not seek revenge! it was killing the people responsible for uncalled attacks on it's soldiers. What would you do? There is always collateral damage when murderers hide behind the skirts of women. Your never ending criticisme of almost everything is mind boggling.

  2. Imran Khan, you are a lovely handsome guy with a dashing personality and
    undoubtedly an educated refined gentleman.
    YES,I am one of your ardent admirers, but sorry to say I cannot agree with some
    of your comments.Its due to these militant murderers that our country is sinking.
    No one is safe. Military actions have to be pre-emptive where collateral damage
    is bound to take place.
    Khan Sahib, Let the military clean up this mess.Thank you

  3. It is amazing that so many Pakistanis are ready to support the TTP/Taliban terrorist over their own countries military….this is Pakistans biggest problem…the mullahs actually want the TTP murderers to win in a fight for Pakistan government rule?…with so many traitors who's first loyalty is to killers who say they are Islamic but practice a twisted form of Islam it is probably impossible to root out terrorism…the terrorist supporters are confused Muslims who have no understanding of patriotism for your country…

  4. Imran Khan with every comment he makes,he proves how little he knows and why he will never lead a nation of 180 million,instead he'll just be popular because of the years past.If you take into account how much the country has suffered because of the barbarians,who have killed the economy,ruined the relations with other countries,made Pakistan out to be one of the most dangerous countries in the world,in short,turned it into a giant size Afghanistan,killing thousands of innocent WOMEN and CHILDREN.Where is your concern on that IMRAN?????? Imran should be all for cleaning this filth,rooting them out,support this thinking,quit trying to score points with these killers,they'll never be on your side,they can never be trusted,how can you side with someone who kills innocent in the name of ALLAH

  5. The government there supported them FATA guys against Russia for dollars and now attacks to destroy them. Change in policy? NO. They aye acting on "DO MORE" and policy has not changed. Policy is DOLLARS. Rest all is twisted facts of media, seculars and liberals.

  6. zionist usa with 45-proxy countries militaries faught for 13-yeras to destroy Islamic forces of Afghanistan but zionists lost! hope Islamic Pakistan will dont fall in same trape like zionists, Islamic Pakistan has sufferd lot from the wrong doing of english-elits & feudals and this since 1947 Until End of 1971 with the fall of Islamic East Pakistan became Bangladesh, since Janvary 1972 until today 2013 there is no change except populatins has reach 210-millions and of course there is Armed strugle against the system good or bad time will tell! otherwise same military power, same politiciens same administration same english-justice in Islamic Pakistan! way of everday life is becoming more europeen or more royal then king! highly educated english-elits are on command on everything no anpar or maulvis are ahtorised to do what so ever, powerfuls like sadam kadaffi shah of iran hosni of egypte ali of tunisia yeman dictator are destroyed alsauds are near under attack, but in Islamic Pakistan things are not Mouving!!! what is or where is the problem for Islamic Pakistan?!

    • Anpars like you is the problem,if you take out the Colonial system from Pakistan,you are left with nothing,no system,no direction.By the way,if you didn't accept the money from USA and other countries,everyone would write and sound like you,so,before you give a sermon on facts,go get educated first.

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