Traffic chaos


Thokar Niazbeg and a stretch of about three kilometers ahead of it on the Multan road present the worst traffic confusion. Although the flyover has helped ease the traffic flow, but under the flyover crisscross many road crossing each other have created a mess. Traffic at this point converges from six directions only to jumble up here because of lack of effective policing. On top of it, about 100 meters of the Raiwind road near the crossing has been under slimy sewage water for the last many weeks. Vehicles passing through it splash the dirty water on the passersby.

It seems the Khadim-e-Punjab hasn’t passed by the site since the last elections. All types of transport ranging from Qinqi rickshaws to 40-foot containers ply here while few uninterested wardens stand looking helpless. Moreover, the opening of new bus stand opposite the national highway building on the Multan road is another major source of traffic mess. In the patch of a thousand meters, large buses take a U-turn from the median cut in the road at Shahpur to come to the bus stand, making the life of ordinary motorists miserable. Pray Khadim-e-Punjab to take note.