Joke of the year


The veteran leader Javed Hashmi was pontificating on a TV channel: “We have to store water, if we don’t store water we will perish. Once when we did not get water in Multan from Mangla dam our animals perished. Storage is the right of the people of Multan and also of the people of Sukkur. We must build storages even if we have to build them in Sukkur.” Unfortunately, the height of ignorance in the fatherland is such that even the anchorperson did not correct him to say that storages cannot be built in a desert but only where there are mountains (even if they happen to be in Kalabagh). And just like water from Mangla dam can reach Multan so will the water from Kalabagh dam reach Multan and Sukkur, and also Lahore in equal measure. Who will speak up for Pakistan or will we let our dear country become a desert from east to west and from north to south thanks to our collective ignorance?