Is your water really filtered?


14 filtration plants in capital found dispensing unhygienic water

As many as 14 filtration plants in the federal capital have been found selling unsafe water.

As per latest report evolved by Capital Development Authority (CDA) Central Engineering Laboratory, samples of water from filtration plants operating in different sectors of federal capital were obtained and tested. Water from 14 out of 28 water filtration plants was found unhygienic.

The water was found unsafe for health in respect of filtration plants located in the sectors including G-11/2, G-11/3, G-10/3, F-10/1, G-9/2 (Green Belt), G-8/1, G-7/3-1 (Noor Qadimi Masjid), G-6 Bazaar, Ministers Enclave, Parliament House, I-10/1, I-10/2 (Alkhidmat), I-10/4 and G-9/4 (FIA Headquarters).

UV lamps of 14 out of 28 filtration plants were found dysfunctional. The citizens have demanded of the CDA to ensure strict monitoring of working of filtration plants.

Water of filtration plants located in F-9 Park, G-7/4, Parliament Lodges, Aiwan-e-Sadr Colony and I-10 Markaz was found safe for health because chlorine was used to purify water.

Plants functioning in G-8/2, G-7/2, Ali Masjid, G-7/2, Sitara Market, G-6/1-4, Aabpara Market, G-6/2 , F-6/1, Hazrat Bari Imam Complex, I-8/1 Green Belt and I-8/3 were found fully safe.