PTI Sindh leader Farah Naz joins MQM


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh leader and finance secretary Farah Naz has announced Sunday to join the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).
The former PTI leader made the announcement in a press conference in the presence of the MQM’s prominent leader Nasreen Jalil.
Farah Naz said that she had joined the PTI for a change; but after spending such a long time with the party, noticeable results are difficult to be seen.
Naz vowed to spread the ideology of MQM’s chief Altaf Hussain saying that she, now has selected the best platform for the continuation of her political activities.
Syeda Farah Naz alleged that the PTI is completely under control of old faces and the masses have also observed that same.


  1. I do not belong to MQM. MQM did not exist when I was in Pakistan almost 39 years ago. What happened ? When you keep on crushing people & deny their rights, then this is the logical outcome. So called Pakistanis lost East Pakistan, but they did not learn any lessons. MQM is not an outlaw organization in Pakistan, at least not until now. Any one can join any party, or leave if they wish. People who can not write English may like to stay with the paper of their choice & use their native language.

  2. PTI did not emerge in 2012 but actually in 2011 when Gen Pasha reinvigorated it with induction of political "electables". All the top slots were filled up since then by Makhdoomzada Shah Mahmood Qureshi jumping in November2011 as Vice Chairman and Makhdoom Javed Hashmi in December 2011 as President and Azam Swati as Vice President.
    The much-trumpeted intra-party elections were a farce given the fact that ALL the top slots remained elected "unopposed" and the party loyalists were sidelined.
    The election campaign was based on very heavy media funding and PTI's Lifetime Chairman Imran Khan made promises which are todate unfulfilled despite him in power for 07 months:
    1. End terrorism within 90 days! But terrorism is still there even after a failed sit-in against NATO supplies.
    2. Eliminate corruption within 90 days! No legislation has been done todate to root out corruption and only a coalition ally has been got rid as a cosmetic measure.
    3. Hold Local Bodies elections within 90 days! More than 200 days have passed and there are no signs of any local bodies election in KPK despite the fact that Balochistan has already conducted and Punjab & Sindh have scheduled in January2014.
    Notwithstanding tall claims and defense by radicalized trolls, the fact remains that ALL Promises of PTI have remained unfulfilled.

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