Bilal Lashari announces his next project: A multi-million dollar remake of Maula Jatt


He came, he saw and he conquered. Bilal Lashari’s journey as a film maker has begun on as high note as it possibly could. While it is clear that no one else can come close, one wonders whether even he will be able to top himself and fulfill the expectations associated with his next project.

Now, Pakistan’s leading director is all set to surprise us again, not with box office returns but with the project that he has gotten his hands on.  Lashari earlier put the arms and ammunition of Pakistan army to stylistic use, and will now be giving a new identity to Gandasa films with a multi-million dollar remake of Maula Jatt.

“This will be my take on Gandasa films which are blamed for the death of Lollywood,” says Bilal Lashari. “I think the Gandasa genre was a missed opportunity for Pakistani cinema, and what better choice to utilise it then by paying homage to the cult classic Maula Jatt.”

This rebooted version of Maula Jatt has been in its pre-production phase for the last seven months, and Lashari was waiting for the Waar hype to quiet down for the right moment to disclose his new film.

The film is a co-production with an American production house, the name which hasn’t been disclosed as yet, and will have a budget in the millions of dollars. From a war epic to a new brand of Gandasa films; Lashari is taking some huge steps and even huger risks. Traditional Gandasa films have been looked down upon by modern viewers due to a lack of content, but Lashari is not only aiming to stay true to the spirit of the originals, but he is also determined to make it palatable for contemporary audiences.


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