No military solution of Afghanistan issue: Aziz


Advisor to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz on Saturday stressed that there exists no military solution of the Afghanistan issue.
He said that 2014 was important in connection with Afghanistan, as the US and ISAF troops would be partially withdraw troops and a democratic transition would be in place in Kabul.
He was addressing the concluding day of the two-day Pakistan-Afghanistan Conference II (ISAF Withdrawal from Afghanistan: Bilateral partnership for peace and coordination that was organized by South Asian Free Media Association (SAFMA) and held media talks later on.
The advisor said Afghanistan’s development and progress in past few years would prove fruitless without ensuring success of the transition. He mentioned that most of the Taliban warlords have been released by Islamabad.
Aziz stressed that there was no military solution of Afghanistan’s situation. No body from outside should fill the security vacuum in the neighbouring country, other than coming transition from within Afghanistan.
“It would not be wise to ignore the fact that Afghanistan is dependent on the foreign aid, however the economic activity there is underway and getting boost that will reduce the chances for any economic distress in there,” he added.
The PML-N leader mentioned that the efforts for reconciliations have been slow and remained inconclusive so far, however Islamabad is utilising all its resources to make the process a success story. All the Afghan stakeholders would also have to sit and work to make it more effective.
Aziz said a peaceful, stable and united Afghanistan was in the best interest of Pakistan, for which Pakistan was making necessary efforts, to establish peace in the region.
He disclosed that the interior ministers from both the sides would hold a sitting soon to strengthen the border management system.