Safe houses to secure lives of vulnerable groups: NCSW chairperson



Safe houses would help securing lives of those women under threat of being killed in the name of honour and other violence survivors said National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) chairperson Khawar Mumtaz.

Addressing a ceremony organised by Ministry of Law, Justice and Human Rights in National Library to mark the Human Rights Day, she said it was a day to raise voice for the rights of vulnerable women facing human rights violations especially poor, minorities, children, people with disabilities, widows, bounded labourers, home based workers etc.

She showed grave concern over rising incidents of violence against women and said being the chair of the NCSW, her deep concern is with the rising incidents of violence with adverse implications to women and by extension to the country.

“It is deplorable,” she said, “that in spite of positive legislation over the past decade, serious incidents of violence against women continue to occur every day throughout the country in increasing numbers,” she observed.

“It is a day to reflect and take stock of who we are. The externalities that stress our system; the inner weaknesses that hold us back acknowledge what we have achieved and recognize that we still have a long way to go and to set our priorities.”

Khawar urged on the need for a strong strategy for the implementation of laws that are being made for the women protection.

Khawar reiterated the resolve of the NCSW to overcome obstacles against gender equality and said, “Expectations are higher of NCSW to address the multiple and layered sources and forms of violence against women.”