PT staffer shot twice by robbers


A member of Pakistan Today’s page designing team was shot and injured by two robbers in the Garhi Shahu police precincts early on Thursday.

Jahangir Ahmed was heading home after work when he was waylaid by two gun-toting youths on the Garhi Shahu flyover at around 3.30am. The criminals were already robbing an elderly motorcyclist when they noticed Jahangir approaching them. They took him hostage at gunpoint and snatched money from his wallet.

However it seems the young robbers were just not content with robbing this newspaper’s staffer, as they manhandled him and then fired three shots at him of which two bullets hit him in the leg and foot. The father to two minor children was rushed to Services Hospital by a Rescue 1122 team who happened to be in the area.

It was later revealed that at least five armed robberies had been reported from that particular spot on Wednesday. Police sources and residents told Pakistan Today that many people have fallen prey to desperate criminals armed with lethal weapons on the Garhi Shahu flyover but in spite of repeated complaints and FIRs, the police is yet to come up with a strategy to rein in criminals under its jurisdiction.


  1. Good. No wonder PT never misses an opportunity to sing praises for Showbaz and his liability for Pakistan, brother.

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