Shakil Afridi’s lawyer flees to Dubai after threats


Dr Shakil Afridi’s advocate Samiullah Afridi fled to Dubai on Wednesday after receiving threats from unidentified people.

Former Khyber Agency surgeon Dr Afridi had allegedly helped the CIA track down Osama bin Laden. The FATA Tribunal, after hearing from Dr Afridi’s counsel and the opposition, had reserved the decision on a review petition filed by the ex-surgeon. It will be announced on December 18.

Dr Shakil’s counsels, advocates Samiullah Afridi and Qamar Nadeem, had informed the tribunal that the 33-year sentence of their client was set aside by the Frontier Crimes Regulations (FCR) commissioner and fresh trials should be conducted in the court of the political agent of Khyber Agency.

While talking to reporters, advocate Afridi had said, “Dr Shakil Afridi was charged in a murder case filed by a resident of Khyber Agency. The trial of that case will be held inside the prison on December 20. If this case can be heard in the prison, surely the trial to be heard by the PA can also be held in the prison.”


  1. Is this what Pakistani justice has become?….where defense lawyers receive personal threats?…it doesn't make any difference if you like Afridi or hate him, justice should be done through the established justice system and not by vigilantes…shame on these militants who destroy any chance of fairness….

  2. OSAMA BIN LADEN was a freind of no one. He deserved what he got and he should have been eliminated long time back. He single handedly turned Pakistan into what it is today. Who ever helped to track him are indeed the national heros.

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