Shahbaz tightly holding on to flour prices

Shahbaz Sherif

Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif, while strongly rejecting the proposal of a few rupees increase in the prices of flour bags of various brands and weight by Food Department due to new packing of flour, said that he will not allow increase of even a single penny in the price of flour.

Presiding over a meeting to review the prices of essential items on Wednesday, Shahbaz said that provision of quality daily use items to the people was the responsibility of the government and no negligence will be tolerated in this regard. He directed that effective steps should be taken for checking the sale of vegetables and fruit at higher rates.

Shahbaz said that 141 Sastay Sahulat Bazaars have been set up for providing edible items to the people at cheaper rates where complaint centres have also been set up.


CM REVIEWS PROGRESS ON SAAF PANI PROJECT: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that “Saaf Pani Project” is of utmost importance for protecting the people from diseases.

While presiding over a high level meeting to review the progress on “Saaf Pani Project” on Wednesday, Shahbaz said that no negligence, delay and wastage of time in the project will be tolerated. He said that provision of potable water to the citizens is responsibility of the government. He reiterated that the promise of providing clean drinking water to every house of the province will be fulfilled. The Chief Minister said that the project is being launched immediately in nine districts of more brackish water of the province under “Saaf Pani Project” which will be expanded to all districts of the province under a phased programme. He said that 10 billion rupees are being spent on this public welfare project during first year. He said that under this project, water filtration plants would be installed for providing clean drinking water to the citizens.


TIKA DELEGATION CALLS ON SHAHBAZ: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that Punjab government wants to benefit from the expertise and experience of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) in vocational and technical sector.

While talking to a delegation of TIKA which called on him on Wednesday, he said that a state-of-the-art vocational and technical training center will be set up in Lahore with the cooperation of TIKA. He said that initially technical training in garments, construction and auto-mobile would be imparted in the centre and 0.1 million youth will be enabled to earn their livelihood through imparting vocational and technical training during a year. He said that TIKA would also arrange training of master trainers in vocational and technical training sectors in Turkey whereas certificates would also be given by TIKA to the youth completing technical training.

Shahbaz said that a major portion of population of Pakistan comprises youth and at present, population of the country consists of 60 percent persons aging from 15 to 30 years. He said that utilization of energies of such persons for the development of the country and the nation is utmost essential.