Indian forces’ presence harmful to Siachen glacier: Sartaj Aziz


Presence of Indian forces on Siachen Glacier is harmful to the environment, says Adviser to the Prime Minister on National Security and Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz, Radio Pakistan reported on Wednesday.

Pakistan is facing a water shortage and Indian forces are damaging one of the largest sources of water to Pakistan on a regular basis‚ Aziz said.

Presence of Indian forces on Siachen is a big issue and should be resolved as soon as possible, Aziz stated insisting that India should pull out its troops from the glacier. He added that disposal of daily use items by thousands of Indian soldiers is detrimental to the glacier.

India and Pakistan are working on resolving their water issues, Aziz stated. The two countries are doing this through multiple channels including Pakistan-India composite dialogue and Indus Water Commission.

Aziz also said that water should be properly used in Pakistan‚ it should be conserved and new water reservoirs should be built. He also said “Senate has recently formed a committee to deliberate various dimensions of water related issues and suggest its recommendations”.


  1. This is a welcome change in the policy. I remember when the siachin tragedy took place Mr Nawaz shariff suggested unilateral withdrawl of pakistani forces.

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