IHC annuls NADRA chairman’s sacking


The Islamabad High Court (IHC) has cancelled the notification sacking NADRA chairman Tariq Malik.

The IHC was hearing a plea filed by Tariq Malik challenging his sacking. The notification appointing Brigadier (r) Zahid Hussain as the new NADRA chairman was also cancelled.

The hearing of the case has been adjourned till December 11.

Mr Malik’s sacking had been criticized by opposition parties. Opposition leader in the National Assembly, Khursheed Shah compared the sacking to rigging. PTI leader Shireen Mazari said Tariq Malik was sacked to cover up election rigging.


  1. Mian Sahib is this the change that you promised. I always knew that you were as every bit crooked as the PPP. Well done to IHC.

  2. This sacking was obviously to stop NADRA revealing the truth about rigged and fraudulent elections, through which Nawaz Sharif & Co. gained a bogus majority.

    Nawaz Sharif has learnt no lessons, he is still the same vengeful man.

  3. Now the only alternative left with Nawaz is to take the additional charge as NADRA Head. What an idiot.

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