Pakistan not property of ‘molvi’ or ‘khilari’: Bilawal


Pakistan People’s Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Saturday said Pakistan is not property of any ‘mullah’ or a ‘player’.
Without naming Nawaz Sharif, whom former president Asif Zardari had termed molvi and Imran Khan as khilari (player), Bilawal lashed out at both parties during a speech at the 47th foundation day of his party.
He said status quo hanged Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who had given the constitution, nuclear programme and true democracy to the country.
He said it was a wrong perception that the PPP has been changed, adding that the party could never be changed as it has roots among the people.
Bilawal predicted that his party would not only remain alive until 2018 elections, but would prove to be the country’s best party.
The PPP leader said his father had given 18th Amendment which made provinces stronger, adding that it was Zardari who gave all his legal powers to parliament.
He said it was Zardari’s wisdom that national flag waved in Swat valley again while the Benazir Income Support Programme helped poor people.
Bilawal lashed out at the government, saying that storm of inflation and high prices in the country has crossed all limits.
He said the government was planning to sell out national assets in the name of privatization, but in fact it is personalization to award their near and dear ones.
PPP leaders participated in the gathering and cut a cake to mark the day.
Relating history of Bhutto’s dynasty and its political struggle, Bilawal tried to make a connection with people of all provinces individually calling out people of Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan.
“Cannot you understand my language,” he busted into shouting with emotions to counter objections on him that the PPP chairman cannot even understand Urdu.
“Our relations are interwoven by blood, not words,” he added.
Separately, the party workers scuffled with each other. The situation became worse when the workers hurled chairs at each other. Later, party leaders arrived at the scene and controlled the situation.
Earlier in Multan, the ceremony turned into a fiasco as workers smeared the cake all over their faces and hands. A disturbance was also witnessed in Karachi when some charged workers scuffled with each other during a gathering.


  1. IK and JI doing senseless act. They seems more dangerous than their beloved Talibans as both parties could do politics and make government as what they did it in KPK. While Taliban could not. They dragging pakistan in isolation. But more than that they are supporting taliban. That’s dangerous for peace and cutural and religious hormony in the country. IK’s ammaturity is Harming country. He should be stopped

    • Dear Friend, let me correct your memory that It is not IK or JI who draged the country in isolation. This the result of the so called liberal Gen Musharraf who lyie down in Amerca feet just on one call. And his policies continued by the most corrupt person of Pakistan, Mr. 10% Asif Zardari. There were no sign of Taliban untill 2004 when the Army raided on Jamia Hafsa killing hundreds of innocent Pakistanie on the behest of Amerca. Curse Musharraf and Zardari and now Nawaz Sharif instead of Imran Khan.

  2. The loss making PSEs (Public Sector Enterprises) are eating away more than Rs300billion to Rs500 billion of our taxpayers money because the most-corrupt governments of PPP inducted thousands of jiyalas into these Enterprises and polluting their cultures with mega corruption.
    **PIA** has world's highest employees-to-aircraft ratio of 850 against international norm of 20. PIA has to feed these extra mouths even its fleet is depleting fast. Yousaf Raza Gilani, during the course of his Speaker NA (1993-96) doled out 600 jobs to *jiyalas*, due to which he served jail. After becoming PM, Gilani boasted that is doling out jobs is a crime the we will repeat this crime every time! The vultures like PPP's Faisal Raza Abdi also took their booty by being on the payroll of PIA for 4 years. As a result the payroll cost of PIA is more than any other airline in the world. The loans acquired by PIA are more than Rs 170 Billion during the past 10 years, adding the markup cost of Rs 25 Billion. Either PIA needs more & more borrowing to repay its liabilities or must be privatized to prevent the taxpayers from taking this burden.
    **Railways** has been another area massively raped by the jiyalas. The PPP-appointed Minister Ghulam Ahmed Bilour had on-record said that Railways should be shut down. Courtesy, his own trucking business interests. Only the number of pensioners is 150,000 while the employees are also more than 20,000 with nothing to do other than playing politics. God forbids, if PPP is again in power, Railways will be crumbled to death!
    **Pakistan Steel Mills** has more than 23,000 employees with 6000 inducted during the last tenure of PPP. This organization has been making a loss of Rs 700 Million every month. On the other hand, the steel mill of Asif Zardari's frontman Hussain Lalji's Abbas Steel has been making windfall profits by purchasing raw material (ores)from Pakistan Steel at throwaway prices while selling its final products at 30 times the rate of Pakistan Steel's prices. Corruption in awarding of contracts has been another nail in the coffin.
    Baby Bhutto wants to nationalize everything so that he can accommodate thousands of *jiyalas* and let the 180 Million population foot the bill through increased taxes & reduced subsidies.
    Why doesn't he accommodate these *jiyalas* in his father's sugar mills (Naudero Sugar, Ansari Sugar, Bawani Sugar, Mirza Sugar, Tando AllahYar Sugar), in his French chateaus or in the Microfinance Bank of his ghost writer or even in the British firms of Rahman Malik??

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