Visionless leadership


A cartoon has gone viral on social network depicting ex-President Musharraf enquiring his fellow countrymen how far the Pakistani Rupee has plunged against the dollar. It’s a fact that after Musharraf’ departure, rupee has lost 50% of its value within the last five years. Country’s foreign exchange reserves have dropped to a dangerous level; these at present are less than one month’s import bill. In this backdrop, apparently, both the federal and provincial governments are having a relaxed time as if some external power is going to help them.

All the right-wing parties have joined hands to halt NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, which is routed through Pakistan, which means this gesture is not going to be welcomed by NATO countries. Such an unwise action may have severe diplomatic and financial implications for the country. But who cares for that in a country whose prime minister is unable to decide upon selection of the most powerful man in the country – the army chief till the very last day. And that’s in a country which is at war with Taliban, homegrown religious and sectarian terrorists and separatists. When the country can be run without a defence and a foreign minister for the last three months, why not run the forces without an army chief?

The country is moving towards severe power, water and fuel gas cuts, forcing the industries to shutdown to provide these utilities to an ever-growing population. Religious and sectarian terrorists are roaming the streets as was evident just a week back in Rawalpindi. Religious factories producing suicide bombers are working overtime. But this visionless leadership is taking the country to a new low. Good luck to Pakistan!


Jubail, Saudi Arabia


  1. What ? Leadership ??

    Fake Degree Holders, Bank Deafulters, Gangsters, Murderers, Terrorist Supporters, Religious Extremists, .. and what not. You call them Leaders ????

    May Allah Save Pakistan !

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