SC moved to direct govt to contact Interpol and arrest Hussain Haqqani


The Supreme Court (SC) has been approached to direct the federal government to immediately contact Interpol Services to arrest Hussain Haqqani, Pakistan’s former ambassador to the US in Memogate case.

The petitioner Shahid Orakzai has made this request to SC while referring to the high treason case against former president Pervez Musharraf.

In a supplementary petition filed in SC in connection to the memogate case, it has been pointed out that the plaintiff of the case, Nawaz Sharif has taken an oath as Prime Minister (PM) and two other affectees including Ishaq Dar and Abdul Qadir Baloch are now members of federal cabinet. The applicant Mamnoon Hussain is currently serving as the president of the country. Therefore, the federation should be ordered to register criminal case against Hussain Haqqani and direct the FIA to investigate the case and present a report thereof in the apex court within 30 days.

The petition pleads that a request be made to the president Mamnoon Hussain to activate armed forces to collect information on the secret contacts of Hussain Haqqani within the Pentagon state department and intelligence agencies of US following the Abbottabad attack.

The petitioner further said that the former ambassador of Pakistan to the US did not sit idle after sending memorandum to Admiral Michel Mullen but he kept on striving to achieve the targets set in memorandum. Therefore, the court has to see that what steps were taken by former president and prime minister which are linked to the memorandum’s targets.

Orakzai said that the president should direct the Inter Services Intelligent carry out a full length investigation under article 243 of the constitution as there is no evidence that the memorandum has been disposed off.The Chief Justice of Pakistan is aware of the fact that the federal government has constituted special court for the hearing of the high treason case against former president Pervez Musharraf. On the other side Hussain Haqqani is not ready to appear in the court but he is still a citizen of Pakistan and article 5 of the constitution is binding on him.


  1. He is a 'confirmed' traitor (any doubt? read his latest book) and has US's protection for whom he was working even as Pakistan's ambassador in Washington. So forget about bringing him back or any action against him. Nawaz Sharif was plaintiff when he was not in power. Now he is in power with the blessings of the same US for whom the traitor Haqqani works.

  2. Nawaz Sharif is in big trouble — IK is reminding him of his stand on drones. Now this request for HH; Nawaz himself reached SC to pursue memo gate scandal. That's why it is said — phalay tolo phir boolo

  3. Waste of time. The elite NEVER suffer in the end. They legislate and connive to escape justice.

    Memogate is a case of treason but no one will ultimately be held responsible. Pakistan is doomed to be ruled by scum and abused by the world for ir

  4. They are all at large borne to enjoy all amenities of life at the cost of blood of this Voiceless Nation. Who will do that—-out going CJ who is attending Naat Khawani Mahfils to become popular. Friends life will go on like this and fleecers will keep inventing ways to rob. Some times Sharifs and some times Zardari and some odd Madaris will take the turn or will go in joint venture. Who cares?

  5. Haqqani should be brought back and sentenced for high treason and then exchanged for Afia Siddiqui who is rotting in US jails. Pakistan should learn to defend its citizens instead of pandering to renegades.

  6. This rouge traitor and dog of the west should be brought back,and his master zardari charged with treason and hanged.These idiots are selling and looting the country.

  7. Guess who voted for and elected Zardari and now Nawaz??? can you guess who the real idiots are and who the clever ones are who get to get away with the loot????

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