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Raheel Sharif to be appointed as new Army Chief

After weeks of intense speculation, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has finally made the selection of two senior army generals as Chief of Army Staff and Chairman Joint Chief of Staff Committee.

According to media reports Lt Gen Raheel Sharif is being appointed as the COAS whereas Lt Gen Rashid Mahmood is being appointed as the CJCSC.

Both senior generals met Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif separately earlier on Wednesday where the premier conveyed the decision to them.

The two meetings are thought to have immense significance as they come a day before General Kayani’s retirement from his post of army chief.

The appointments imply that front runner and the senior most military officer Lt. Gen. Haroon Aslam, currently serving as Chief of Logistic Staff, was not considered for the position.

Mahmood was serving as Chief of General Staff before his elevation to the post of CJCSC.

The government had earlier said it would announce the next army chief on the day General Kayani retires.

A change of command ceremony has been planned for Nov 29.

Kayani’s retirement from the post comes after rules were relaxed to grant him an extension in July 2010 by the PPP-led coalition government in what then prime minister Yousuf Raza Gilani said was in the interest of continuity at a time when the war on terror was successfully continuing against elements who wanted to impose a system of their choice on the country.

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  1. faraz said:

    All Pakistanis are equal, but some Pakistanis are more equal than others,especially if they’re Muslims –

    • S.R. KHAN said:

      Correct; not land of Shareefs but dynasty of shareefs.

  2. Malik said:

    I hope Raheel Sharif who belongs to a distinguished family of decorated soldiers, will help restore professionalism and discipline into our armed forces, and make this nation and the people love and respect their soldiers. This country needs to have the army and civilian elected government to be on the same page to fight the terrorists and rid this country of religious fanatics, whom the people have repeatedly rejected in elections.

  3. dialogueforpeace said:

    I hope similarity between PM and new COAS will not go beyond surnames, otherwise Pakistan will be having a Taliban Sharief rule in near future.

  4. Darina said:

    He seems to have a good reputation, hopefully he will help to make the country more secure.

  5. tahir said:

    Its a shame that a person involved in numerous cases of corruption, money laundering, attacking SC etc is appointing COAS of the Islamic republic. Pathetic rule of law

  6. Manqul said:

    The Generals must not abuse power again to overthrow thew elected Government.

  7. Manqul said:

    The Pakistan Army Generals must not be paid more than 10 times the average pay per year. In the western Countries the most senior Generals are paid about 10 time per year the average pay. The average pay in US of a person is $25,000 dollars per year. So the top US General pay is about $250,000 dollars per year. In Pakistan the average person pay is about 50,000 rupees per year. So the Pakistan top Army General must be paid no more than 500,000 rupees per year. 500,000 rupees is $5,300 dollars per year. No Pakistan General should be able to afford to educate their children in the Western Countries because it costs about $50,000 dollars per year for a person to be educated in a Western Country. also No Pakistan General should be able to buy a new car that is made in the Western Country. If any Pakistan Army General is educating their child in the Western Country of buying a new car then the only way to have the money is corruption. Trust me I have an MBA. Let me audit any of these Generals to prove it.

  8. Fasihul Haque said:

    I wish all good luck the new Pakistan army chief.I hope he will take step as former chief Mr Kayani has set a principal stand for army.

  9. Desi from Lahore said:

    You morons at Pakistan Today ever update your news,the news here are 2 days old,the world has moved on,try to keep up,IDIOTS.

    • Ravian said:

      This is the 'best' newspaper to read STALE news. The general took charge on 29th. of November and it's lead story on December 2 says "Raheel Sharif to be appointed as new Army Chief', which first appeared on Nov. 27 that is 6 days back..
      I don't know how the print edition of this newspaper is doing but the internet edition is awful.

  10. Repliki zegarków said:

    The appointments imply that front runner and the senior most military officer Lt. Gen. Haroon Aslam, currently serving as Chief of Logistic Staff, was not considered for the position.

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