Pakistan should give maximum punishment to 26/11 attackers: Antony | Pakistan Today

Pakistan should give maximum punishment to 26/11 attackers: Antony

India will not be satisfied until Pakistan gives maximum punishment to the perpetrators of 26/11 Mumbai attack, Indian Defence Minister AK Antony said on Monday.

Coastal security was “very weak” before the terrorist attack in Mumbai in 2008 but now it was “vibrant” and “strong”, Antony told reporters on the sidelines of an awards function.

“Before 26/11, coastal security apparatus was very weak but now we have been able to establish a vibrant and strong coastal security,” Antony said.

He said coordination with other stakeholders involved in coastal security has also improved.

Asked about lack of firm action on part of Pakistan against those responsible for the attack that left 166 people dead, Antony said the perpetrators should be brought to book.

“They (Pakistan) should book the culprits and unless they are given maximum punishment, I don’t think our nation will be satisfied,” Antony said.

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  1. Dipak said:

    Anthony knows all attackers of 26/11 are dead. That's why he dares to ask for their punishment.

  2. Ibrahim Janjuarajput said:

    I here by declare antony the criminal that want suspected to be punished by his wihes or what India want. The law of the Islamic Republic does not function like this. The court have to have solid proof if there is any ? Present to respcted courts of Pakistan.

  3. khjunaid said:

    I think Mr Antony involves and master mind of these incidents,that is why he know the facts and reality………

  4. Qasim said:

    Terrorism is not a crime as per laws of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Pakistanis are most criminal minded people in this world and most hated also. To every terror act Pakistan is linked.
    Citizens of 6 different countries were killed in attacks. They all participated in investigations. Based on evidence United Nations Security Council classified LeT as terror outfit. US concluded its trial and found two Pakistanis Tawwaur Rana and Dawood Gilani guilty. India concluded trial and hanged Pakistani national Kasab. Why there is no progress in Pakistan ?? Because these are not non-state actors, but Pakistan itself involved in the attacks.
    Pakistan is a beggar, terrorist country and is not civilized enough to understand sensitivities. No wonder Osama was found in Pakistan.

    • Nadeem said:

      Rape is not a crime in rape capital of the world india. This is the moral value of Indians and they are talking big about terrorism. Only country in the world where a terrorist party BJP came into power and under watch of modi 3500 muslims were killed. trains were burnt. Sikhs were killed in golden temple. yet they have the nerve to give us lecture. Now a terrorist is going to contest elections in india. and they are all state actors that's what happened when a state is involved in terrorism.

      • Genesis said:

        In Pakistan there is no rape,abduction or molestation.Here girls are petted and cared for and they are all absolutely safe like Malala.t is an ideal country for women and that is according to all the men You only need to ask the women how they feel,i.e. if they are permitted.and on the riots in gujarat just check out who started the show,These are days of Newton's laws.

        • Nadeem said:

          No ideal country for women is india where you see huge signs spend 5000 today and save 500000 tomorrow.

          • Counter-Point said:

            Situation for women is far worse in Pakistan. But because of 'Ghairat', social stigma and the fact that most of children are abused by own family members in Pakistan, family members themselves discourage a victim to complain.
            Pakistan is such a hopeless country, that even General Musharraf being President made fun of Mukht ra Mai saying that they get raped to get political asylum in Canada and Paul Martin, the than PM of Canada reacted angrily to such irresponsible statement from head of a state. Now one can imagine how a common man will be looking at a rape victim ! The laws are so rapist friendly that if the victim fails to prove allegations she undergoes punishment !!! and to prove she needs to produce witness as if rape happened in front of people. Not only this, DNA test, which can conclusively prove rape on medical basis, is not admissible evidence !!! So how the hell poor victim is going to get justice? That's why no woman reports and in most of cases the abuser is a family member. Pakistanis live in denial be it terrorism or rapes. Google the incidence of rapes in Pakistan you will know facts.

          • Nadeem said:

            Jumping here and there that's what you are doing can't stick to one point. What could be worst then killing unborn babies in the womb after ultrasound if child is female. Live in real world not google world. If you are so fond of google try google killings of Christians, and kashmiris by hindues.

      • Qasim said:

        What you say is just rhetoric. I stated facts, you are regurgitating your personal feelings. Rapes in India can not be compared with terrorism coming from Pakistan to others. India is not in denial, there is a visible campaign and awareness against rape at social as well as Govt level. Women are speaking out as there is hope for justice for them. Now coming to your childish counter arguments please state which court of law in the world has declared BJP a terror outfit ? Which court has decalred Modi a terrorist ? For you every non-Muslim is a terrorist !! Sikhs were killed in Golden temple, how many Muslims were killed in Lal Masjid operation ? How many Hindus, Christians, Sikhs have been killed in Pakistan? How many Ahmdias, Shias, Hazaras have been abducted and killed by agencies ? 2 millions bengalis were killed in erstwhile Eastern Pakistan. Learn to argue with facts, not feelings.

        • Nadeem said:

          Which is rhetoric killings of Muslims in gujrat or golden temple or samjhota express which one of these is rhetoric and not a fact.

          • Counter-Point said:

            Calling BJP a terrorist party, and Modi a terrorist is rhetoric. Is it hard for you understand ?
            I wonder after killing 2 million Bengalis, eliminating Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and now targetting Ahmadyias, Shias and Hazaras, Baluchs from where you get audacity of pointing finger at others ? Is it shamelessness ?
            Nothing authorizes you to send killers and pick soft targets like Railway Satations, Hotels, Community centers and hospitals to kill innocent people. You are barely civilized.

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