Gilani denies embezzling billions in BISP


Former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilani has rejected the allegation of embezzlement of billions of rupees in the Benazir Income Support Programme, saying that the continuity of the programme and the financial support of the international donors for it speaks volumes for the efficacy and the transparency of the programme.

He said the programme was subject to internal and external audit, including audit by the donor countries. Gilani also referred to the audit of the financial assistance under the Kerry Lugar programme which was more than 98 percent from the disbursement.

He said the BISP was highly acclaimed at the international level, adding that scores of the countries expressed keen interest in replicating it in their countries as a social security safety net for the poorest of the poor.

Gilani said under the programme about seven million families used to get Rs 1,000 per month as direct financial assistance which ensured food security for them.

The former prime minister said the programme earned appreciation of the United Nations Security General and the international financial institutions such as the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank as a programme of social mobility for the poor.

He said under the programme, direct financial assistance was provided to the female heads of the families with a view to empower women in the country.


  1. They are crooks par excellence. They don't leave footprints. The whole world knows what they have done or are doing but not a single person has been convicted of corruption in Pakistan. Look at Zardari – his whole expertise is how to deceive courts, even Swiss courts.

  2. And this is why we are so sorry to have Sharifs in the govt. They dont want to go after these criminals because they themselves will get in trouble.

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