White Lies


Well, kitty parties (or kum-ay-tee parties, as they are known in the country) are a housewife staple throughout the lay of the land, from your lower middle-class affairs, all the way to the hideously rich parties. But regardless of their scale, they all have one danger in common: that one broad leaving after she gets her turn.

Apparently, exactly that is what happened at one of the elite committees in Lahore, the sort that runs into crores of rupees. The lady in question bought a one-way ticket out of the country, seemingly with no intention of coming back.

Which brings us to that ever recurring question, which is specially asked by flustered individuals from the nation’s conventional financial services sector: Why. The. Hell. Do. You. Have. These. Committees?


Ever since Hakimullah Mehsud was taken out in a drone strike, and his successor Fazlullah pledged to spare no one, not even the generally thought-to-be-friendly League, the Sharifs have decided to live carefully. The Punjab CM has decided to shift to what would appear to be the safest of locales in his case: 7 Club Road, G-O-R. Whereas son Hamza is to do his thing from the house in Model Town.

The pressures of running the federal government are more taxing than they gave credit to PPP. Perpetually accusing former President Zardari of having a “bunker mentality”, the Sharifs have also started finding the Great Outdoors a little daunting.