Musharraf should face an open trial: Aitzaz Ahsan


Senior lawyer and central leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Senator Aitzaz Ahsan said on Thursday that there the former president Pervez Musharraf who is facing treason charges, should have an open trial.

Talking to media outside Supreme Court ‚ he said that the case would not be concluded quickly since prosecutors have enough evidence against Musharraf who also heads his party – All Pakistan Muslim League (APML).

Ahsan claimed that Musharraf’s trial is impossible before the outgoing Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani’s retirement. The army chief will retire on Nov 29.

The government has constituted a three-member special court to try the former army chief for treason. Justice Faisal Arab, Justice Tahira Safdar and Justice Yawar Ali have been named as judges for the court.

Ahsan said that there should be an open trial, saying that Musharraf suspended the Constitution to impose state of emergency in 2007.

He further added that Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry would not be a serving judge at the time of this trial, and in his opinion, this trial won’t end soon.

Responding to a question, he said Musharraf used the word ‘I’ in several decisions, including the time he imposed emergency, therefore, there was no justification for Army to react (to this trial).

On Wednesday, Attorney General Munir A.Malik said in his media talk in Islamabad that treason in Pakistan is punishable with death penalty or life imprisonment, however, the president of Pakistan is authorized to pardon the convict.


  1. The most interesting role is being played by Pakistan’s electronic media which owes its independence, not to any democratic government but to a military ruler, Pervez Musharraf. Every evening, there is a mock court in the studios and the presiding judges, the anchorperson, invites guests and moderates discussion in such a way which culminates in proving Musharraf guilt. The media-savvy top judge, who is known for taking clues from media headlines for his sou motto actions, must be feeling happy and the fact that these programs are interference in the judicial process and amount to influencing the prosecution which is a contempt of court under article 204 of the Constitution, goes totally unnoticed by the top court. Read more at:

  2. Why last 3 army generals had not been tried? The actions and orders of last 3 dictators must be condemned publicly and the effects must be compensated accordingly.

  3. Pakis are an ungrateful nation. There was more respect for Pakistan during Musharraf's time than under any democratic leader. There were less drone strikes, less hunger, less terrorism, less joblessness, less inflation and more media freedom. Pakis must not like living a good and peaceful life. The world will honor their wishes and keep punishing them.

  4. In Musharraf time Pakistan was known as respectful country.Investors were coming to launch their business. there was not so much price hike,no unemployment .lie was not so much difficult.this govt wants to get cheap popularity by High treason case a General and former president of Pakistan.He is not alone blessings of masses is with him .InshaAllah he will get back respect and Honour

  5. Let him go and start focussing on people's problems. Prosecute Nawaz Sharif and his beloved brother for money laundering and election rigging.

  6. There can be some dramatics.
    kayani is still seving.

    To save his boss

    he can take over the country once again
    anything can happen
    It is pakistan

  7. I know President Musharraf and his Parents personally since 1969 when his younger Brother Naveed joined me in my Medical School. I know that the Family is well educated and Parvez LOVED AND STILL LOVES Pakistan. During his rule, Pakistan was well respected and had the best foreign reserves. He did not steal any money from the country like most of our leadres have done so. Pakistani people are not well educated and they dont know who is honest and who is dishonest. As an EX Pakistani, I feel sorry for the people of Pakistan.

    I only pray that people of Pakistan wake up and chose a good leader one day. AMEN

    • They should let Musharaf go and start solving people's problems. Also they should prosecute Nawaz Sharif , his family and beloved brother for money laundering and stealing billions from National banks

  8. Aitazaz Ahsan is a good lawyer and should know that according to the rules of business and protocol, all orders are issued in the name of the person (authority) or the person himself using the personal pronoun " I "—- I was once appointed to a high office by President Mr Tarrar with words, " ———Now know all that I, Mohammad RafiqTarrar, President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan——— appoint ——– as the —- etc etc". Obviously The President did not get up one morning having dreamt that he should appoint me to that Office,called his secretary and dictated the appointment letter. Mushrraf's use of the personal pronoun has a meaning in that context.

  9. Musharraf has always been a self-centered man and overthrew an elected Government through **coup d'état** on the night of 12th October 1999. One of the triggers of Musharraf's coup was the announcement of the then government to form **Kargil Misadventure**.
    He threw Pakistan into war-on-terror to get legitimacy from US government and the entire country is bearing thousands of **suicide attacks** and sacrifice of more than 40,000 Pakistanis since then.
    The sycophant cronies of the dictator were pledging to "elect him 10 times in uniform". He entered into **NRO** with PPP and waived more than 8000 cases of corruption.
    Musharraf overthrew the Supreme Court and **jailed** 60 judges along wit heir families on 3rd November 2007.
    Your personal likes or dislikes aside but the Pakistanis will definitely witness the punishment of those crimes. Had it been a civilized country (Turkey, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh or even Chile) the dictator would have been dispensed with justice long ago!

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