Dist. Admin bans all gatherings, rallies in federal capital: Red Zone to be sealed


The District Administration (Dist. Admin) of the federal capital, taking into account the law and order situation, has imposed a ban on all kinds of gatherings, demonstrations and rallies to be held on Friday.

On Thursday, a meeting was held under the Chief Commissioner, where the District Admin suggested that the strength the of army and rangers in sensitive areas should be increased instead of imposing the curfew in city.

In the meeting, it was decided that the red zone of federal capital should be sealed off completely, while containers are to be placed to avert any expected rally.

Use of loud speakers has been also made restricted, while strict action will be taken against individuals found delivering the hate speeches.

Services of rangers have been also hired to keep the situation in control and security of Madrassases and Imam Bargahs has increased.

As per security sources, a tense situation is expected in Rawalpindi on Friday, due to the protest of religious parties; law enforcement departments have already informed all concerned departments in this regard.

Additional force of Rangers has been deployed in the area of Faizabad, while the speeches of Mosques located in sensitive areas are to be recorded.