LHC bans the display of illegal Indian films in Pakistan


On Tuesday, Lahore High Court categorically ordered to ban all illegal Indian films in Pakistani cinemas.

According to details, the LHC bench said that all films should be cleared by sensor board.

All films that did not fulfill the legal formalities cannot be screened publicly following the statement from the High Court.

The bench said it would also help country’s film industry .


  1. This tenure is is Global era. Nothing can stop any thing which is qualified and qualitative. Stopping & restrict means going back or loosing something . Learning is never ending process and can not stop if quality is good

  2. it is a good step in right direction as most of the Bollywood films are meaningless and spread violence and vulgarity. these are far from healthy entertainment and go against our culture / traditions

  3. If Bollywood films are meaningless and spread violence and vulgarity – then India must more violent then Pakistan, because Indian People are more in numbers as cine goers then Pakistan ? " Violence,always comes from the society / environment where one lives"

    • Mr. Hassan you should be aware of the increasing number of rapes against women in India. rape is not a sexual act but violence against women churning out garbage in name of entertainment is promoting vulgarity .
      I am an Indian Hindu living in usa and know that recurring riots in India is worst form of violence please do not be apologetic about quality of Bollywood films

      • You are an Id1ot. Going by proportion, the cases of rapes are much higher in Pakistan, but are not reported. The reason is 'ghairat ' syndrome, unfavourable laws that if woman fails to produce witness or prove rape, she is undergoes punishment, DNA is not acceptable proof in rape. Is it also because of Bollywood films ? There is some hope in India for victims, so they start speaking out, but in Pakistan there is no hope at all, on the other hand they are ridiculed. Mukhtara Mai's name if dramas is an example.

  4. The same judges of the bench that banned Indian movies went home in the evening, ate their dinner and watched smuggled Indian movie "Ramleela".

  5. Good news Pakistani movies are not able to compete indian movies like Raam Leela beautifull music fun and super dances
    once again gujjar and kharaak type movies make business in limited Cinemas

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