TTP threats: Aerial surveillance of capital begins


Special commandos’ squad of federal capital police along with Pakistan Air force (PAF) has started the aerial surveillance of federal capital to counter any possible terrorism threat.

Sources have reported that some important changes have been brought in the security plan of capital after receiving continuous serious threats from Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

Following the information from intelligence agencies the capital has been divided into 4 parts under the new security plan city, while 109 buildings located in Islamabad have been declared the most sensitive.

These buildings include Mosques, Imam Bargahs, different embassies and residences of foreigners, while 25 cameras have been also installed in red zone area and the diplomatic enclave.

The PAF has also been recruited as part of a special plan for the surveillance of Margallah hills.

According to the new plan, aerial surveillance of the city has begun and will be carried out during the mourning processions in Muharram.

Two helicopters of the PAF have been hired for the security of processions during the 8th to 10th of Muharram, while snipers of police commandos will be also present in helicopters to counter any unpleasant incident.

Margallah hills and important avenues of the city will be also monitored through video.


  1. Very simple & straight forward, it is either Pakistan or TTP. There is no middle ground. No compromises. You eradicate cancer, or cancer will eradicate you. Dithering will just cause more bloodshed. If people at the top think by delaying, or ignoring this threat will let the problem go away, then they are simply blind, and unfit to lead Pakistan.

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