Poverty alleviation


More than 200 million people are living below the poverty line in Pakistan. To help them out, we have just one programme, Income Support Scheme, which has been broiled in various scams. The scheme is used for political purposes while the money is usually given to those who have political affiliation to certain party. The party workers demand share from the scheme. Almost 70% of the fund disappears in the pockets of politicians and the party workers.

India has launched a “Food Security Scheme” in which a poor family can get wheat at Rs2 per kg, rice at Rs3 per kg and coarse grain at Rs1 per kg. This scheme is for the people living below poverty line and in slums (jhuggi). Food security cards have been issued to these people. They have been asked to send their children to the school where they are served healthy meals along with minor financial aid.

Our government must learn from their experience and start a scheme similar to that rather than an income support scheme whose results are doubtful. Our scheme makes them lazy, sit back and wait for the aid. The Indian scheme helps in many ways. It makes them productive, increases child literacy, gives them food at discounted prices and helps the country in the longer run.