JI should announce ‘Jihad’ in Afghanistan against US: ANP


Senator Awami National Party (ANP), Zahid Khan has said that the recent statement of Syed Munawar Hassan regarding martyrdom has created a war like situation in the country.

On Tuesday, while talking to the media, he said, “Jammat Islami (JI) has committed treason with Pakistan, and the Election Commission (EC) should take legal action against this party.”

Zahid Khan said, JI Chief Munnawar Hassan must have avoided such statements and he has committed treason with the blood of martyrs, while JI should announce ‘Jihad’ in Afghanistan against America.

He further said, “Islam teaches peace, not the violence, and the power of the rule cannot be achieved with the support of gun.”

Senator stated that all political and religious parties should get united to boost the morale of Pakistan army and should support it on every level.

Doors of dictatorship have closed in Pakistan and the country should be run on democratic values, JI empowered the hands of former military dictator Pervez Musharraf and now says Pak army should not intervene in politics, he concluded.


  1. .
    "… JI should announce ‘Jihad’ in Afghanistan against America." …
    You guys don't stop calculating …

  2. Dictatorship is still on its full swing in Pakistan, the army is making foreign policy and lobbying everywhere, they lobbied former dictatorship Musharraf, put him in heavenly house, where he was living like a prince, where is rule of law? Nawaz sharif has sold Pakistan to IMF.

  3. Amazing that anyone can say "JI should declare jihad against Americans" and " Islam is a religion of peace not violence" ..and say both of these things in the same sentence?…these Pakistanis are the most confused people on earth…

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