Documents, culprits in Wali Khan Babar murder case not shifted


Documents related to Wali Khan Babar murder case have not reached Anti Terrorism Court (ATC) Kundh Kot nor have the accused persons been shifted from Karachi to interior Sindh despite the orders of chief justice Sindh High Court (SHC).

SHC had transferred this case to Kashmore Kundh Kot last week on the request of the Sindh government.

All the five accused including Shah Rukh, Naveed alias Polka, Muhammad Ali Rizvi, Faisal Mehmood alias Nafsiati who were arrested in this case have not been shifted to interior Sindh.

It may be mentioned that Wali Khan Babar was a reporter of a private TV channel who was shot dead on January, 13, 2011 in Liaqatabad and 6 witnesses in this case have also been killed. The murder cases of the witnesses have been reopened under the orders of Supreme Court (SC).


  1. MQM's Don Altaf Hussain and mastermind Waseem Akhtar are the main culprits in Wali Babar murder case and many other cases, arrest these bloody criminals.

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