PTI core committee decides to halt NATO supply


Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) core Committee, led by Imran Khan, has taken the decision to halt NATO supply after a given deadline in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The PTI core committee held a meeting under the party chief Imran Khan to talk about halting NATO supply in Khyber Pakhtumkhwa.

After consultation with the central leadership of the party, the core committee meeting decided to uphold the stance of halting NATO supply in the KPK province but did not finalize date for banning supply to NATO troops in Afghanistan.

Imran khan will inform the National Assembly, during next session, about his party’s point of view over the ban, told PTI sources.

Apart from the PTI chairman Imran Khan, KP’s CM Parvez Khattak, Speaker KP Assembly Asad Qaisar, Jahangir Tareen, Khursheed Kasuri, Shirin Mazari were present in the meeting while Shah Mehmood Qureshi joined it through video conference from Lahore.


  1. Imran khan must revisit his policy about terrorists,people are confused as if he is their leader or an advocate of terrorists,he seems to lack political wisdom

  2. Stopping nato supplies will not stop terrorism ,Iran must grow up if he wants to survive as a politician, at the moment he is opting for a coward way of cheap point scoring

    • He is not doing it to stop terrorisim. He is just not showing support to NATO since they wre not showing support to our cause. Our cause is no drone attacks inside pakistan. Our govt is not capable to stop them so he is trying whats in his hand to out pressure on our own govt to stop drone stikes and also on america to commit to us that they wont do drones until Pakistan needs it and wants it. We are a soverign country and have means to curb terrorisim. We dont need drone attacks to do that for us. If we choose to do an operation it should be us pakistanis doing it. We cant let america, india, israel and for that matter anyother country come and do our job for us. Plain and simple. What else can kpk do. They want an end to drones and a way to talk to taliban or isolate them and then either engage them in talks or fight them till it decided between them or govt. wake up before its too late

  3. Nawaz sharif and Imran both have dissoppionted people of pakistan very badly, they are both not worthy of leadership

  4. Imran khan is much better than our so called politicians or should I say AMERICAN PUPPETS. At least he has guts ttto take astand against USA.

  5. @ sajid
    He wasnt doing anything just letting the govt function and looting your country

    Imi is at least standing up for Pakistan. We cant fight the war forever. Peace is the only solution whether you like it or not.

    • Every one wants peace,but that should not mean to surrender in front of taliban,imran wants to cowardly surrender,such a coward can not stand up for pakistan

    • asif zardari was very clear about terrorists,he called them enemies of pakistan,imran is a supporter of taliban,he is a traitor

  6. This politician is a confused enemy of Pakistan…angering NATO as they finalize pulling out of Afganistan will only hurt Pakistans image with the 30 countries of NATO…this useless gesture is just political posturing and will hurt your country…his support for the Taliban should allow people to know which side he is on…

    • He wants an end to drones. America pulling out of afghanistan or not is not pakistan's problem. Pakistan's problem is that it wants the drones attack stopped so they can face taliban for a decicive talks and decide once and for all if taliban needs to be talked to or an operation in needed against them. Whatever the case, it cant be done or decided until the drones are stopped. America will pull out in 2014, but drones will continue, how long will they continue? Whats the limit? If they are killing bad guys which they are then does that mean pakistan is not capable of taking care of terrorisim in their country if thats the case then allow india to come in and take revenge of the mumbai attacks. Why double standards. Pakistan is a soverign country and it needs to take care of the challenges inside its territory by it self. We have to show the world that we are capable of taking care of terrrorisim ourselves and dont let anyone else come and do it for us. IF we want to negotiate we should be the one deciding. If we want to do an operation against taliban we should be the one. Not america and india deciding for us. Blocking Nato is to put pressure not delay their withdrawal. The purpose is to get the drones stopped. ALL imran can do is stop nato supply through kpk. Thats all. He doesnt want to be party to a govt who was mandated to stop drones and stop terrorisim. At least he wants to do something about it unlike nawaz who si just buying time and doing nothing. Its in the best interest of our country to decide what we want to do and not be pressurised by anyone. Thats what we want. and we want a leader like imran to stand for us and not be a puppet of anyone.

      • I appreciate your comments but Imran is taking you down the wrong path…if you want a leader who will help your country then why doesn't he condemn the Taliban?…the TTP/ Taliban is the enemy who has murdered thousand of your people…the only thing stopping the TTP is the drones…why not thank the Americans for their help in removing terrorists from your territory?…why support the radical Islamists parties who think they are above the elected government…the real enemy of Pakistan is extremist Muslims who are nothing but criminals…the USA is helping to eliminate these killers that your government can't seem to stop?…America is Pakistans best friend and yet we are treated as the enemy by misguided Muslims who hate anything western…this is your real problem…

        • No eddy, you have gotten it completely wrong. I appreciate your concern about our country and our people but america is not helping pakistan, be rest assured about that. Dont try to sell us the idea of White Knights saving the rest of the world. We have heard and seen it too many times. Concentrate on so many wrong things things happening with in US. I wont go to all that. We consider those killing innocent to be rouge elements and we know they are to be defeated but we are trying different tactics just like america did in civil war. They negotiated with the confedrates and also fought them. We are doing the same. We dont want america to help us. Its just like you neighbour coming to your house to stop you and your wife from fighting about a domestic issue. When our whole country is shouting to you, our elected reperesentatives are asking you to stop drones. When amnesty and all other humran rights are telling you its doing a lot of civial casualties then why dont america stop. We dont want the help. We want to tackle the rouge elements but ourselves. We condemn them, we dont condemn taliban (because the word means students in our language) and we dont condemn students but we condemn and imran khan condemns those who kill innocent by the name of religion or anything else. But we want to deal with them the way we want to deal with them. America is negotiating with taliban then why cant pakistan. Does that mean america is not condeming taliban. The fact is we will be able to work our way out of this and be a strong nation if we are alowed to tackle our challenges. Let us do this ourselves is all we are saying. We will see if we want to negotiate or stike them but let us decide that. We are very capable now if not before.

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