Nisar terms debate on martyrdom ‘damaging’



The debate over who is a martyr and who is not is extremely damaging for Pakistan, Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar said on Monday.

Speaking in the National Assembly floor, Nisar said any kind of controversy related to the armed forces was “worse than poison” for Pakistan at this critical juncture.

Criticising former president Pervez Musharraf’s “misuse of the army”, Nisar said the forces were not an individual, but an institution, and in case of Taliban talks, the military had exercised great restraint and created an environment conducive to talks despite ongoing terrorist attacks.

Describing the initial process of dialogue prior to the drone attack in which Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) chief Hakimullah Mehsud was killed, he said the TTP had demanded face-to-face dialogue, to which the government had demanded an end to terror attacks.

He said there had been no attacks for three weeks following this exchange, after which the government moved to advance the talks. He added that there was no guarantee at the time the talks would have succeeded, but a detailed plan was in place to get the provinces and more political leaders involved in the process.

“Now we have to pick up the pieces,” Nisar lamented, adding that the government would have to analyse how the next four-six weeks played out.

The dialogue process with the TTP cannot move forward if there are more drone attacks, the interior minister added.

He also claimed that there were still stakeholders interested in continuing the dialogue process, despite the devastating impact of the drone attack that killed the TTP chief.


Nisar’s statements on martyrdom were directed at the brewing controversy over Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) chief Munawar Hassan calling Hakimullah Mehsud a ‘martyr.’

Many politicians criticised the JI chief’s remarks and members of the Sindh Assembly even passed a resolution against him on Monday.

The army had also issued a press release in which it demanded an “unconditional apology’ from Hassan.

“Syed Munawar Hassan has tried to invent a logic based on his political convenience. Strong condemnation of his views from an overwhelming majority leaves no doubt in any one’s mind that all of us are very clear on what the state of Pakistan is and who its enemies are,” a statement issued by the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) had said.


  1. The word "shaheed" has lately become the most misused word in Pakistan. It appears that it is now 'reserved' only for political 'leaders' of all sorts, be those hanged or killed otherwise.

  2. PML N was provided a God sent excuse by JI.Nawaz Sharif who is allergic to be in the Parliament except when being voted in, used this nonissue and wasted Nation's time. Parliament is redundant when PML N is in power and this is a clear testimony to that. Similarly Showbaz hates PA. So why have such an expensive body comprising of free loaders? Dissolve it.

  3. syed Munawar hasan is no plussed .why he diverted nationa"s attention towards non issues site,His statement is extremely damaging for the country.United we stand ,devided we fall.Being a senior leader Munawer hasan should apology.By doing this he will render services to our countrymen.He should should show flexibility.Flexibility is beauty to Politics.Make reason thy master

    • .
      Munawar does not have to render any service …
      In the name of 'Jihad' and 'Islam' he already is a popular son of the land …

  4. Moulana Fazlur Rahman said " a dog is also SHAHEED if killed by America". I cannot understand Moulana wants to glorify the dogs or humiliate SHAHEED. Moulana is requested to clarify it please. (Shafique Rahib Khan, Jeddah Saudi Arabia)

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